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Franken wins in Minnesota
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For many observers of American politics, it looked like Democrat Al Franken would be one of the few Dems that would not be able to ride Sen. Barack Obama’s coattails into office.

According to a new report from Reuters, Franken has overcome his self-inflicted wounds to unseat Republican Sen. Norm Coleman in one of the closest U.S. Senate elections in the nation’s history.

Vierdsen does not know much about what Franken might do in office, beyond his jokes in books. But, one thing is for sure — he will not be fucked around with.

In what was one of the funniest examples of a political mano a mano, Franken took a question from a CR when he had an event at the Koger Center a few years ago. The kid went to the microphone, and tried to put Franken on the defensive. Little did he know that he was going against a smart and quick-witted dude.

Franken quickly turned the tables on his questioner, which would not have been a big deal. Hey, it was a liberal-heavy audience. What was hysterical was that the guy could not take what he was giving out, and retired, crying, to an outside hallway.

Certainly, members of the U.S. Senate will not be so easily intimidated, so it should be very interesting.

Franken to be declared Senate victor in Minnesota [Reuters]




HAHAHA Saxby Chambliss Sucks [Wonkette]


Saxby Chambliss deserves to lose
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Back in ’04, the national GOP went hard after Sen. John Kerry to talk shit about his service in the military during the Vietnam War. Kerry, like many other vets, saw the war for what it was and reacted against it when he came home.

That’s what’s so sick about Sen. John McCain’s assertion that he’s served the country since he was 17 and “has the scars to prove it.” The RNC didn’t seem to care about that with Sen. Max Cleland in 2002.

Cleland was a man who served in Vietnam and lost not one, but three limbs in the service of his country — two legs and and arm. Who among you could say that you would lose two legs and an arm in an unpopular war, yet come back home and want to serve your country?

Yet, Chambliss and the RNC set to make it like Cleland was allied with Osama bin Laden and the like.

Riddle Vierdsen this — if a Democrat ran an ad saying a Republican, who lost three limbs in Vietnam was un-American, what would be the amount of time until he was forced to drop out from the race?

Still, Chambliss was complicit in these attacks. Now, it looks like he might lose. Sen. Barack Obama is getting a large number of young people and blacks to return to the polls, and that very well may make the difference.

As of right now, Chambliss is up by less than three percentage points. Considering the amount of “non-likely voters” who are heading to the polls, hopefully he will get beat. Anybody who will put their stamp of approval on a despicable campaign like he did on the ’02 race deserves to get beat.


Slash-and-burn strategy puts N.C. Senate race in dead heat
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Though recent polls show Sen. John McCain moving North Carolina back into the “lean Republican” column, the Tar Heel State is showing its battleground purple in the race for U.S. Senate between incumbent Republican Elizabeth Dole and State Sen. Kay Hagan.

According to a new poll by Insider Advantage, the race has become a dead heat. This should come as a cold splash of water to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which has targeted this race as one of its must-haves along with the Schaffer-Udall race in Colorado.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — North Carolina’s Senate race is suddenly one of the hottest in the country, with a new poll out today showing Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole and Democratic challenger Kay Hagan in a dead heat.

The InsiderAdvantage/Poll Position poll released today shows Dole and Hagan both just below 40 percent each, with nearly 14 percent undecided. It’s not clear yet if this is an outlier poll — Other polls have shown Dole up by anywhere from six to 10 points. But clearly Hagan’s national money — some of it from — is having an impact on the race.

Having just returned from the Tobacco Road campaign trail, this Scorecard contributor noticed that Hagan’s strategy is to go right after Dole, ripping her in public forums, press releases and advertisements, trying to chip away at the sterling image Dole has cultivated as North Carolina’s favorite daughter.

North Carolina Senate race tightening [Politico]


Fogle’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer
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There are some things you expect from Georgia Southern. The triple-option offense, for example. But not writing ability from broadcast journalism graduates. Frankly, it’s amazing that anyone in that part of Georgia has a TV, anyway.

So, it came as no surprise to Vierdsen when Fogle posted something truly silly on the Quinn firm’s online newsletter. It started out with a true blowjob piece on former S.C. GOP executive director and RQ&A consultant Trey Walker, who is running Sen. John McCain’s operations in the mid-Atlantic states.

For some reason, this kid thinks that Virginia Sen. John Warner is running for reelection. Sorry to burst his bubble, but it’s former Virginia Gov. and Democrat Mark Warner that is on pace to whup former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore’s ass in November.

Picture 1

And, Walker didn’t do such a good job for McCain in the Virginia Republican Primary in 2000, even while Democrats came out in places like Richmond and Northern Virginia in droves to make sure George W. Bush wasn’t the GOP nominee.


Bob Schaffer being done no favors by son’s Facebook page
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Politicians need to keep a lockdown on their kids’ Facebook pages. Seriously. The latest scandal du jour is about Colorado GOP candidate Bob Schaffer’s son’s Facebook page, which mentions some things that should have been kept to himself.

According to Wonkette and ColoradoPols, Justin Schaffer has pulled off some things that might seem funny (well, among white people), but really aren’t that good at all.

Colorado Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer has a son, you see, and he is 19 years old and in trouble for putting funny images on his Facebook page, like one that shows a picture of the three pyramids in Egypt with the caption, “Slavery Gets Shit Done.” Well, it’s true, right? Do you think people owned other human beings so they could watch them flop around all day? He also has a bunch of pictures of Barack Obama as a Muslim. Well, it’s true, right?

Of course, the Denver Post has an even worse catalog of what was going down.

Opponents of Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer have found political fodder in his 19-year-old son’s Facebook page, which shows a picture of Barack Obama over the caption “High five . . .. who’s gay” and another picture that reads “Slavery gets shit done.”

Schaffer said he was prepared to talk about his campaign, not his children, but he did say that he and his wife had set out “firm punishment” for their son, Justin, over the issue.

Justin Schaffer attends the University of Dayton, and the page was apparently widely accessible to students there.

Justin Schaffer issued a written apology late Monday:

“The offensive materials directly contradict the values that my parents taught me and are forbidden in my parents’ home. My Facebook page is my sole responsibility . . .”

“It is clear that my actions were juvenile, disrespectful, and a mistake on my part,” the statement said.

Although much of the material had been removed from the page by Monday night, a mirror image of an earlier version was posted on a website called

The page indicates that among the virtual groups that Justin Schaffer participated in was one called “Pole Dancers for Jesus.” One image on the Facebook page shows a machine-gun-toting Jesus in front of a Confederate flag, the caption reading “What would a Republican Jesus Do?”

It’s all fine and good that the kid apologized and the candidate said he’d punish him, but the damage has been done. Bob Schaffer should have had a talk with his son when he was going to make this run that Justin needed to clean up his profile and put in some privacy settings.

After all, this has already happened numerous times, including to Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-1), whose daughter Caroline was a sorority girl at the University of Texas and had extremely hot pictures of her dancing at a mixer plastered hither and yon.

We’ve also had our own issues here in South Carolina with Atty. Gen. Henry McMaster’s kids. There were the homoerotic drunken antics with his son…
…and the KA brothers posting extensively about how awesome his then-high school aged daughter was to party with.
Candidates, talk to your kids. It’s not hard. Otherwise you’ve got this shit to deal with while your opponent picks up in the polls.

Colorado GOP Senate Candidate’s Son Has Funny Racist Facebook Page [Wonkette]
Justin Schaffer: Slavery Does NOT “Get Shit Done” [ColoradoPols]


The senatorial love that dare not speak its name

If you haven’t had enough of the “Lindsey Graham is one of teh gheys” and Sen. John McCain’s slightly weird classification of the senior senator from South Carolina as “my little jerk,” you now have this:

MSNBC: Lindsey Graham Is A Gay [Wonkette]

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