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Sarah Palin shot Santa’s reindeer

Please, Ms. Palin, go away.

Sarah Palin Calendar 2009 [Atlas Books]


Shealy party a hootenanny
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For those of us proles, Rod Shealy’s Christmas party is one of the highlights of the holiday season. Even while the place is packed, there’s enough booze and food to satisfy a crowd twice the size.

Among the VIPs were U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson (with Preston Grisham tied at his hip), Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, State Sen. Jake Knotts, State Sen. Ronnie Cromer, State Rep. Nathan Ballentine (though Vierdsen missed him because John was talking to a girl, natch), State Rep. Anton Gunn, GOP operative Mike Green (who still has an S.C. Hotline sticker on his car, and likes a Crown and Diet Coke), Democratic operative Zeke Stokes and a bevy of other friends and well-wishers who gathered to celebrate the season.

Among the best food were the platters delivered by Zaxby’s and Zorbas. Mmm, mmm, good. Unfortunately, there was no Chick-fil-A (curses!) and Captain Morgan seems to have been at sea. Still, saying that is like wishing your team won by 21 instead of 10. It’s unusual that one Christmas gathering will have average working Joes rubbing elbows with the state’s political elite, so it can be assured that, as the cliche goes, a good time was had by all.


Oh noes!
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Vierdsen was going into his usual mid-afternoon routine when he turned on MSNBC and thought, “WTF? Is that Mark Sanford? Why are they letting him talk?!?” Sanford is at the Republican Governors Association meeting in Miami, natch, and, taking a break from enhancing his perma-tan, gave a Cliff’s Notes version (OMG! NOW HE’S ON CNN!) of his column from earlier in the week.

The MSNBC anchor said that Sanford is expected to be elected head of the RGA. Say it ain’t so, Joe. What. a. mistake.

Did Bobby Jindal (Louisiana), Tim Pawlenty (Minnesota) and Haley Barbour (Mississippi) all say no? What about Florida’s Charlie Crist? Well, Barbour was head of the RNC and probably not interested, Jindal already has a trip scheduled to Iowa (hello, 2012!), so that’s out, but Pawlenty and Crist have to be close to the top of your short list.

Really, how can you elect a guy to a national leadership post when half (nay, more than half) of his own party in his home state can’t stand him?

LOOSE ENDS: Funny, that when Vierdsen read this story in the Free Times, it seemed a lot like the one he wrote, though with less snark and swearing. That’s not to say that he thinks FT reads VD, but that news pegs are sometimes so obvious it’s like they’re walking up and introducing themselves.


Sarah Palin, conductor of the crazy train
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If the national Republican Party is going to recover, it better relegate Gov. Sarah Palin to her arctic backwater, forever. Or maybe just put Palin and Rep. Michelle Bachmann on the same ticket, blow up the works and start over.

This woman’s Fargo accent and bitchcakes-crazy political instincts played a role in sinking Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign, as numerous anonymous staffers will attest.

But, that’s not stopping her. She’s going out on TV making veiled references that God wants her to run for president in 2012. O, man. Somebody check her lithium dosage.

When’s the last time a failed VP candidate that ran again won the presidency? Not John Edwards, Joe Lieberman, Jack Kemp (though he ran in ’88 before Bob Dole picked him), Bob Dole, Dan Quayle, Walter Mondale, Hubert Humphrey, Ed Muskie, John Breckenridge, blah blah blah. To the best of Vierdsen’s knowledge, the only one in years was FDR, who was on the ticket with John James Cox in 1920 (Harding’d!).

The rule seems to be that they either 1) get ingloriously beaten in the primaries or 2) are blown out in the general election.

Can we just wall off Alaska? Just steal the oil and natural gas and leave the denizens of The Last Frontier to their “Northern Exposure” reruns. And, you know, shooting moose with high-powered rifles from helicopters.


Sanford doing what he does best: attacking Republicans
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…and now, back to business as usual here at your choice site for political vitriol.

How did Mark Sanford get elected? Twice? This is a guy who managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the state GOP, not to mention the electorate, to do a whole lot of nothing. He just sits on his throne and makes a lot of noise, none of which goes anywhere.

Perhaps Sanford’s only accomplishment as governor was collaborating with his minority of supporters and hangers-on to target members of his own party in primary elections. When Primary Day came, that didn’t turn out well for him either.

His only credibility comes from the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal, Howard Rich, John Stossel and the like who constitute the intelligentsia of plutocrat libertarianism.

Now, his latest column made it national, up on, and he’s doing what he does best, turning the guns on his own party. In a bizarre turn, he tries to tell the GOP to operate like a major company:

Chick-fil-a does not say to its franchisees, “However you want to cook the sandwiches is cool with me.” They are precise in what they expect, and it’s my hope going forward more conservatives in all corners of America will be equally precise and exacting in making sure their views are reflected by the party that supposedly represents them.

Um, OK. Vierdsen likes the chicken nuggets as much (no, more) than the next man, but that’s such a screwed-up analogy, it makes your brain turn flips.

Political parties are not major corporations, and can’t act that way, especially in this country. We have two major parties. As such, they have to operate in a big-tent way if they are going to win a governing majority. That means millions of people, each with a slightly different ideology and general beliefs.

If Sanford wants the GOP to be as strict as a corporation with numerous franchises, then he’s evidently trying to screw over his party one more time. The Republican electorate, like the Democratic one, has many common beliefs, but it’s not in lockstep uniformity. If that’s what Sanford wants, then he must be planning for a pretty small tent.

Commentary: Conservatives didn’t lose election, GOP did []


Analogies make strange bedfellows
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A source close to Vierdsonian Democracy thought he saw something similar when Will Folks posted the following about Jenny Sanford early Friday morning:

If members of South Carolina’s bass-ackwards General Assembly thought that conservative Gov. Mark Sanford was a thorn in their sides, then First Lady Jenny Sanford would be a .45 Magnum in their faces.

Normally, this post would be filed in Vierdsen’s “specious rumors” file and forgotten. However, Folks wrote this in May 2006:

1. Will Folks – Owner of the sharpest, most vitriolic tongue and the most poisonous pen in South Carolina politics, Sic Willie Style is all about bringing the visceral hatred for the status quo. “Will Folks isn’t going to be a thorn in my side, is he?” a politician recently asked one of the top political consultants in the state. “Nope,” the consultant answered. “But he will be a .45 Magnum in your face.” ‘Nuff said.

Make of that what you will.


The battle begins anew
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In the leadership reorganization in the state House Republican Caucus, the fight inside the party about who will be in control and what path the party will take has entered another chapter.

As has been posted on FITSNews, it was no surprise that Rep. Nikki Haley wanted to be chair of the LCI Committee, and a few weeks ago, Rep. Wallace Scarborough was one of her main opponents. With Scarborough being upset on Election Day, Haley was in position to take over.

If she took over, it would be a big win for the SCRG/S.C. Club for Growth/S.C. Policy Council faction in the party. If Haley was in any tighter with that crew, she would have to wear sponsorship patches on her clothes like a NASCAR driver.

But, something funny happened on the way to the State House.

Under a plan bringing more power to the Speaker, Bobby Harrell picked Rep. Bill Sandifer to lead the committee. What’s really got to give Howard Rich’s foot soldiers the red-ass is that Sandifer was one of the targeted people on the Club’s “hit list,” then blew out Sandlapper Group client Ed Rumsey, 72-28.

This should make for a fun session. It’s also a loss for Gov. Mark Sanford, who becomes a lamer lame duck as the clock ticks toward 2010.

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