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Franken wins in Minnesota
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For many observers of American politics, it looked like Democrat Al Franken would be one of the few Dems that would not be able to ride Sen. Barack Obama’s coattails into office.

According to a new report from Reuters, Franken has overcome his self-inflicted wounds to unseat Republican Sen. Norm Coleman in one of the closest U.S. Senate elections in the nation’s history.

Vierdsen does not know much about what Franken might do in office, beyond his jokes in books. But, one thing is for sure — he will not be fucked around with.

In what was one of the funniest examples of a political mano a mano, Franken took a question from a CR when he had an event at the Koger Center a few years ago. The kid went to the microphone, and tried to put Franken on the defensive. Little did he know that he was going against a smart and quick-witted dude.

Franken quickly turned the tables on his questioner, which would not have been a big deal. Hey, it was a liberal-heavy audience. What was hysterical was that the guy could not take what he was giving out, and retired, crying, to an outside hallway.

Certainly, members of the U.S. Senate will not be so easily intimidated, so it should be very interesting.

Franken to be declared Senate victor in Minnesota [Reuters]


Pawlenty cuts mullet, readies for VP
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It could be “good and Pawlenty” for Sen. John McCain, who reports have it is still looking at the Minnesota governor for the Republican nomination for vice president.

The latest news of Pawlenty’s intentions, and possibilities, has it that he has shorn the Wisconsin Waterfall that has been with him of late, going for the veep-ish clean style. Behold, and read ye of Salon:

But the real sign Pawlenty might be interested in being McCain’s running mate came in a slightly subtler form late this spring: He cut his hair. Gone was the mullet he’d worn for years, even though Minnesota media outlets and political blogs mocked him for it. As Pawlenty hit the Sunday talk shows in May and June, he sported a trim new look.

And, since Gov. Mark Sanford has proven his inability to do anything meaningful beyond make friends with talking heads in NYC and DC, killing his veep chances, it appears our favorite crazy, Grover Norquist, likes Pawlenty, too.

“He’s a young guy, he’s reasonably hardcore, the social conservatives like him fine, and the fiscal conservatives like him fine. I think he’d always be in your top five as [likely picks], and depending on what side of the bed McCain got out of on the day he decided, he could get it.”

Losing the mullet, angling for veep [Salon]

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