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Action among the losers
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People rarely check up on what’s going on in the campaign accounts of losing candidates. It’s not liable to be newsworthy or politically relevant.

Then there’s blogs, thankfully.

Katrina Shealy, who got about $50,000 from Howard Rich and his friends, then nailed by Sen. Jake Knotts in the runoff, is still paying her consultants. Starboard Communications got $15,000 from Shealy on Sept. 1, about two and a half months after the election. She also paid $561 to Nelson Mullins on Sept. 28 for a “legal opinion.” That’s a little odd. Sure, a campaign may put an attorney on retainer during the race to run things by them, but a “legal opinion” in late September, three months after the election?

Two of the SCRG/Conservatives in Action-tied Sandlapper Group‘s losing candidates are still paying those guys, too. Ed Rumsey, who got absolutely obliterated in his race for HD-2, paid Chad Connelly and Taft Matney $20,000. Kyle Boyd, who lost to Rep. Carl Gullick, sent $14,481.14 Sandlapper’s way.

Joe Bustos, who lost to Mike Sottile in HD-112, has lauched a camapaign for mayor of Mt. Pleasant and has hired Rod Shealy to run that race.


BBQ & Politics has lowdown on the lowdown

Like in football, the offseason (or, in this case, the deadening boredom of summer) is a good time to crunch numbers and glean what you can from prior efforts. Ross Shealy at Barbecue & Politics ran the stats on the Sandlapper Group’s candidates, and as you can see above, there was really no surprise. When you have a consulting firm founded by a guy from SCRG and another from Conservatives in Action, formed just last November for the ’08 primaries, it’s really no surprise who its candidates were and the piles of cash they got from Howard Rich and friends.

One of their recruited puppets, Kyle Boyd, received over half his cash from Rich and took his sweet time in revealing it. He didn’t even report the $37,232.37 he paid Sandlapper in May and June until Saturday. What’s the hold up?

The funny thing about Sandlapper is that instantly after forming, it led a “grassroots training seminar” in places like Irmo, Rock Hill and Clemson. Who were the sponsors for this event? SCRG, the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools, the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools and Chad Connelly’s Freedom Tide organization.

Speakers at those seminars included Walter Whetsell of Starboard Communications, Sen. Kevin Bryant, Sen. Danny Verdin, former Gov. David Beasley and the Palmetto Family Council’s Oran Smith.

But, yeah – there was no massive, organized effort in this state, financed by Howard Rich, to elect school choice drones while pulling wool over the eyes of the voters. That’s just a fantasy.


Kyle Boyd finally comes clean about his indentured servitude, still doesn’t say where the money went
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Almost a solid month after he was supposed to disclose his financing from the pre-primary period to June 10, former S.C. House candidate Kyle Boyd has sent in his amended report. And, guess what? The political unknown that took Rep. Carl Gullick to a close finish was bankrolled by Howard Rich and his cronies, just like we all thought.

While Vierdsen was out and about yesterday, Ross Shealy nabbed Boyd’s report, and the financing looks a little something like this:

$1,000 6/02/2008 538-14 Realty LLC, 73 Spring St Rm 408 NYC
$1,000 6/02/2008 Joseph D Stilwell, 26 Broadway 23 Floor NYC
$1,000 6/02/2008 Yvonne Rich, 211 West Rd 1, Mountain Home, AZ
$1,000 6/02/2008 John Kirtley 339 S Plant Ave, Tampa, FL
$1,000 6/02/2008 Rich Acquisitions LLC, 73 Spring St Rm 507 NYC
$1,000 6/02/2008 Secure Data LLC, 73 Spring St Ste 507 NYC
$1,000 6/02/2008 The Stonecreek Group (Kevin Spillane) Sacremento, CA
$1,000 6/02/2008 Dayrich LLC, 73 Spring St Rm 408 NYC
$1,000 6/02/2008 Newrich LLC, 73 Spring St Rm 507 NYC
$1,000 6/02/2008 Rich & Rich LLC, 73 Spring St Rm 507 NYC
$1,000 6/02/2008 Bradford Mgmt of NY Inc., 73 Spring St Rm 408 NYC
$1,000 6/02/2008 Howard Rich Sole Proprietor Bayrich LLC, 73 Spring St Rm 408 NYC
$1,000 6/02/2008 Rich & Rich & Associates A Partnership, 73 Spring St Rm 408 NYC
$1,000 6/02/2008 4220 Broadway LLC, 73 Spring St Rm 408 NYC
$1,000 6/02/2008 470 W 166 LLC, 73 Spring St Rm 408 NYC
$1,000 6/02/2008 51 First Avenue LLC, 73 Spring St. Rm 408 NYC
$1,000 6/02/2008 405 49 Associates, 73 Spring St Rm 408 NYC
$1,000 6/02/2008 118 Claremont LLC, 73 Spring St Rm 408 NYC
$1,000 6/02/2008 4220 Broadway Inc., 73 Spring St Rm 408 NYC
$1,000 6/02/2008 A Partnership 332 E 11 LLC, 73 Spring St Rm 408 NYC
$1,000 6/02/2008 Alan J Pomerantz, 767 5th Ave NYC
$1,000 5/23/2008 Douglas Levine, 2760 N Bay Rd., Miami Beach, FL
$1,000 5/22/2008 Spooner LLC, 73 Spring St Rm 408 NYC
$1,000 5/22/2008 Silver & Silver Properties LLC, 73 Spring St. Rm 408 NYC
$1,000 5/22/2008 Silver & Silver Properties LLC, 73 Spring St Rm 408 NYC
$1,000 5/12/2008 LaSalle Associates, 73 Spring St. Rm 507 NYC
$1,000 5/12/2008 LaSalle Associates, 73 Spring St. Rm 408 NYC

Damn, son. Looks like he was trying for Katrina Shealy-like dollars.

What is absolutely, truly fucking bizarre, though, is that he’s reporting zero expenditures. What? You mean this guy took in $36,110 and spent none of it in the last couple weeks of the campaign?

Guess we’re going to have to wait even longer to see what Kyle was up to.


Kyle Boyd still hasn’t updated his July 10 disclosure report
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Remember, oh, way back when former S.C. House District 48 candidate Kyle Boyd filed his July 10 disclosure report? Yeah, it’s funny because he sent that bastard in about nine days after the deadline.

Of course, the report showed that he spent no money and received no money between the pre-election report and the June 10 primary. Damn – he was able to get 48 percent of the vote without having to spend a dime in the last two weeks? Not bad!

Is he still trying to figure out how to disclose all that Howard Rich money he got? It it that he and the Sandlapper Group guys are having trouble settling up the bill?

Come on, Kyle – we want to how how much into hock you are to SCRG, S.C. Club for Growth and Howard Rich.


Kyle Boyd spent no money, received no money before primary

SCRG/Conservatives in Action/Howard Rich pawn Kyle Boyd pulled off an amazing feat this election year. No, it wasn’t coming within four points of unseating Rep. Carl Gullick. It wasn’t going from political unknown to major challenger, either. It was that he managed all this while spending no money and receiving no money between late May and the June 10 primary:

That’s pretty badass. As is the fact that this report, which has to be wrong, came in well after the SEC’s grace period. But the SEC is about as toothless as you can get, so no problem there.

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