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Saxby Chambliss deserves to lose
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Back in ’04, the national GOP went hard after Sen. John Kerry to talk shit about his service in the military during the Vietnam War. Kerry, like many other vets, saw the war for what it was and reacted against it when he came home.

That’s what’s so sick about Sen. John McCain’s assertion that he’s served the country since he was 17 and “has the scars to prove it.” The RNC didn’t seem to care about that with Sen. Max Cleland in 2002.

Cleland was a man who served in Vietnam and lost not one, but three limbs in the service of his country — two legs and and arm. Who among you could say that you would lose two legs and an arm in an unpopular war, yet come back home and want to serve your country?

Yet, Chambliss and the RNC set to make it like Cleland was allied with Osama bin Laden and the like.

Riddle Vierdsen this — if a Democrat ran an ad saying a Republican, who lost three limbs in Vietnam was un-American, what would be the amount of time until he was forced to drop out from the race?

Still, Chambliss was complicit in these attacks. Now, it looks like he might lose. Sen. Barack Obama is getting a large number of young people and blacks to return to the polls, and that very well may make the difference.

As of right now, Chambliss is up by less than three percentage points. Considering the amount of “non-likely voters” who are heading to the polls, hopefully he will get beat. Anybody who will put their stamp of approval on a despicable campaign like he did on the ’02 race deserves to get beat.


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