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The problem with term limits
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Again, the prospect of term limits is raising its funky head above the water and making another go of it in the General Assembly. No matter how often this comes up, it just sounds like a bad idea. The fact is, when you have regular turnover of legislators, it allows outside influences to have a bigger influence on the process. Institutional knowledge is lost, so legislators end up relying on, oh, lobbyists and others with set agendas.

There’s a reason people like Howard Rich are so gung-ho for term limits. He didn’t make all that cash by looking out for others. Hell, the basic libertarian belief, boiled down, is, “Fuck you, I’ve got mine.”

That’s to say, it’s not just Rich and his freakshow hydra (SCRG, S.C. Club for Growth, S.C. Policy Council, &c.) in this state that would have way more say in what your representatives do. It’s everybody.

If you think this is just Vierdsen going loopy after a dessert of “special” Christmas brownies, the St. Petersburg Times were all over this six years ago:

The push for term limits in the 1990s has resulted in a raft of unintended consequences, many of which are just beginning to be felt.

In Tallahassee, lawmakers who face the end of their tenure have desperately jockeyed to run for other seats rather than return to private life. The prime example being House Speaker Tom Feeney, who used the power of his office to wangle a new congressional district for himself through redistricting. Moreover, all the turnover has given the Legislature little historical memory, shifting power and expertise to bureaucrats and lobbyists.

There’s a reason we gots elections, Broseph.


Sweet Jeebus, Howard Rich is on Facebook


Ah, it’s probably just so he can give Will Folks a SuperPoke.


Quinns + S.C. CfG = BFF

In other Howard Rich foot soldier news, the fine people at S.C. Club for Growth seem to have solidified their ties to (and, perchance, allegiance from?) one of S.C.’s top three consulting firms.

Yes sir, the Quinns gave $6,900 to SCCfG last quarter, spaced out between The Copy Shop, Mail Marketing Strategies and the firm’s personal booze palace, The Back Porch.

Interesting. In Will Folks’ proposal to the Club last year, the Quinns were mentioned as a relatively minor player in the Club’s plans for the ’08 elections.

But, a decent number of the Quinns’ clients were “hit list” contenders, and the firm’s propaganda office has of late been an apologist for SCGOP Chairman Katon Dawson and Rich, Dawson’s newest buddy.

Then again, maybe it’s just a way for the Quinns to ameliorate things because of Rick’s involvement with the state trial lawyers’ organization.


Darby out at Palmetto Policy Group
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The common thought is that politics is one of the industries that is pretty close to recession-proof, since there will always be elections and legislation.

Well, tell that to J.J. Darby (or John J. Darby III, if you’re nasty), who put out a widely-circulated email today announcing that he would be leaving Palmetto Policy Group. Why would this be? As a lobbyist for PPG, he represented a number of clients, including PPG’s building mates, South Carolinians for Responsible Government.

Word on the street is that Darby had to be let go because — hold on to your asses — NYC libertarian financier and school choice clown Howard Rich is pulling his lobbying cash out of South Carolina.

If this is true, it marks the ultimate referendum on the ’08 General Assembly elections — a significant defeat for Rich and his heimwehren in this state.


Scott Singer accepts more Howard Rich money, returns some
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Scott Singer, who lost to Tom Young in the Republican primary for S.C. House District 81, was one of SCRG’s and S.C. Club for Growth’s patsies to get into the General Assembly and wreak havoc. He got plenty of cash from Howard Rich and his associates, then came out in July and said that he would return all but $3,000.

Yeah, maybe not.

In his third quarter disclosure filing, Singer does return $12,000. The problem is, he received $21,000 from Rich & Co., which leaves the balance at $9,000. Then, on July 25, he took in $5,000 more.

That’s $14,000 – just a little more than what he said three months ago. Maybe he thought nobody would pay attention. Too bad.


Howard Rich (D-bag, N.Y.) lashes out
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Nationally-renowned douchebag Howard Rich is a little upset because people don’t like the shit he’s been pulling and are reacting against it. One of his shell organizations, Americans for Limited Government, is now going to be fucking with people because the super-wealthy nutjob has his panties in a wad.

As a donor to one or more of these organizations and efforts, you have been able to engage in these activities without notice, operating in relative obscurity. I am writing to inform you that this will no longer be the case.

Your name has been put in our database. We are monitoring all reports of a wide variety of leftist organizations. As your name appears in subsequent reports, it is our intent to publicize your involvement in your local community. Should any of these organizations be found to be engaged in illegal or questionable activity, it is our intent to publicize your involvement with those activities. You should know that instances of coordinated voter fraud are surfacing all across America and investigations into possible criminal coordination are underway.

As someone who has been put through that abuse over the years, I can tell you from first-hand experience that it is not fun and not something to take lightly. I have supported groups and efforts that I believe will push back against the radical agenda of the Left. And, I have paid the price for it, in attacks, slurs and threats.

So, asshole, when is your front group, South Carolinians for Responsible Government, going to release the fact that you and your friends are bankrolling their entire operation? Obviously, you’re scared of retribution. Well, don’t worry. We’re ready to do battle with you down here in South Carolina, so come on down, bozo. We’re not scared.

Oh, and just because people dislike the shit about what you’re doing doesn’t make them liberal. Of course, a plutocrat like yourself would never understand that.

Group targets liberal donors [Politico]


Howard Rich friends don’t know what they’re talking about
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It’s funny when imbeciles like Lee Bright and Joey Millwood have to answer actual questions. They’ve taken an enormous amount of money from Howard Rich, say they’re for school choice, but can’t seem to answer simple questions.

Bright said he didn’t make any promises to Rich or his groups to get the money. He said he never spoke to Rich.

“We’re like-minded individuals who are for less government, and he knew my stance from the debates,” Bright said. “But I made no commitments, other than to make South Carolina a better place for my family and other families.”

He didn’t say how Rich knew his positions from his debates with Talley. Most were sparsely attended, and the audience consisted largely of supporters of the two campaigns.

When asked how low-income students would benefit from a tax credit plan, Millwood said, “I’ll have to get back to you.” He said there were “a lot of student grant organizations out there,” but when asked where they were he said he didn’t know and that he’d never looked into it.


Who is Howard Rich? [The Herald-Journal]

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