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Sanford enters his last two years as a failure
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So, what has Gov. Mark Sanford accomplished in his past six years in office? Not much, except squeezing a couple of State Sen. Jake Knotts’ pigs to the point that they shat all over his shoes and the floor of the State House.

But, that has not stopped Sanford from acting like he actually matters. His new bullshit line of spin is that members of the General Assembly are passing along patronage like Halloween candy. Naturally, he forgets his own complicity in diverting money to his people.

Sanford asked that more than $100,000 left over from hosting a national governor’s convention be given to a nonprofit group run by his allies. The money later was returned to the state. Sanford also intervened on behalf of a campaign contributor during a contract dispute to redevelop a Beaufort County port. Sanford said he was looking out for taxpayers by putting his real estate background to use for them.


It’s all so incredibly lame. Sanford is just like Lane Kiffin — he cannot get anything done on the job, but he can keep getting another job. State Sen. Glenn McConnell called it perfectly:

McConnell also noted the unemployment dispute. Past governors, he said, would have brought together all parties to find a solution. But Sanford is more interested in how his actions will play in the polls, McConnell said.
“It’s always as though it’s somebody else’s fault,” McConnell said. “His failures are of his own making. …
“Gov. Sanford has some great ideas, but his execution is the worst that I have seen of a governor.”

The latest thing is who Sanford will endorse for governor. It’s believed that U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett, Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer and Atty. Gen. Henry McMaster will run in the Republican primary. It would be a good idea for all three to turn a cold shoulder to Sanford and do their own thing.

Sanford’s ‘failures are of his own making,’ senator says [The State]
Sanford mostly silent on 2010 governor’s race [The State]


The Campbell who couldn’t eyes another run
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In 2006, it looked like the son of former Gov. Carroll Campbell, Mike, couldn’t lose to incumbent Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer in the Republican primary race. He had an endorsement from Bush 41, got money from Bush 43 water-carrier John Elliot and the GOP Mr. Moneybags Gayle Averyt, and even secured the endorsement of Jenny Sanford and The Nature Boy, Ric Flair (WOO!).

Hell, he even beat Bauer in Bauer’s home precinct in the first round of voting (that is, where Bauer’s home precinct was at the time, Vierdsen thinks. Bauer’s moved around a little). Campbell also had a goodly amount of Washington establishment money going into his campaign.

Did any of it make a difference? No.

Bauer, considered by those right and left of center as the most underestimated politician in South Carolina, came back from a 10 percent deficit in the primary and beat Campbell in the runoff.

Recapping – in ’06, Campbell had the establishment, the name and a nice amount of cash and couldn’t pull it off. The only way he can win this time is if 1) there isn’t significant GOP opposition and 2) the Democrats don’t put up a good candidate. Good luck on both counts, MC.

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Jim Rex setting up gubernatorial campaign?

What’s going on over at the Superintendent of Education’s office? Speculation for months has been that Jim Rex, the only statewide-elected Democrat in South Carolina, would mount a campaign for governor. It’s possible that might already be underway.

In Rex’s latest disclosure reports, he is listed as spending on several line items that have the description, “Primary 2010.” It wouldn’t make sense that he would face opposition for the nomination if he was running for reelection, so it must be prep for a try at higher office.

Among the payments are a reimbursement to consultant and aide Zeke Stokes for a P.O. box for Primary 2010, and disbursements to Alice Eddings for accounting for Primary 2010. Eddings, according to the Google, is the CFO for Habitat for Humanity of Central South Carolina.

It would seem that he’s laying the groundwork for the campaign now, and would announce after the general election this fall.


Democrats ready to kick GOP ass in 2010 governor’s race
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Think that the 2010 Republican gubernatorial nominee would have an easy road to the governor’s mansion? You wouldn’t be the only one. It turns out, though, that road may be a lot tougher than originally believed.

According to a poll by Public Policy Polling (a Democratic firm out of North Carolina), things may not be so rosy for the GOP. Behold, ye mighty, and despair:

Jim Rex – 36 percent
Gresham Barrett – 31 percent
(Democrat +5)

Gresham Barrett – 40 percent
Inez Tenenbaum – 39 percent
(Republican +1)

Henry McMaster – 36 percent
Jim Rex – 36 percent
(Even Steven)

Henry McMaster – 39 percent
Inez Tenenbaum – 39 percent
(Even Steven)

So, there you go. Of course, those polls don’t include Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, so God only knows what curve balls he’d throw into the situation.

This much is known, though: Republicans in this state need to get their game together for 2010, because even as shitty as the Democrats are at campaigning and winning votes, the electorate is looking for a change.

South Carolina Governor 2010 [Public Policy Polling]


Bauer, McMaster building war chests

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The long road to 2010 is underway, and the big two contenders for the Republican nomination for governor, Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer and Atty. Gen. Henry McMaster, seem to already be getting their efforts underway.

Just look at the latest disclosure reports. Bauer’s report shows $231,332 in the bank, raising $91,444 of it in the last quarter. He’s been relatively tight with his spending, though, sending out $8,733. The biggest donors to SC2’s campaign fund were your usual mishmash, but two, on the same day, were particularly of note.

United Transportation Union PAC, $3,500
WAL-PAC (Wal-Mart), $3,500)

Eh? A major union and one of the most anti-union corporations giving the max to the same guy? That can’t be a mistake. Also giving the limit to Bauer were notables Nelson Mullins PAC and TitleMax CEO Tracy Young. Check into Cash gave close to the max, at $3,200. Does this mean Bauer will be against restrictions on payday lending and associated endeavors in his next race?

McMaster has been a little more aggressive than his prospective opponent, ratcheting up a bottom-line number of $641,862. He didn’t raise as much in the last period though, bringing in over $42,000 and spending over $32,000.

The attorney general also got the max from Wal-Mart, and, interestingly, close to the max from veteran GOP consultant Scott Reed. Reed gave $3,398 in two contributions. Reed was one of those responsible for the catastrophe that was the ’96 Dole campaign and is a close friend of Sen. John McCain. It’s not the contributions that raise eyebrows about McMaster, though.

It’s the expenditures, bubba.

Henry Mac doled out cash between April 3 and July 10 to his consultant like a guy running for office, which he obviously is. His consultant is Brad Henry, who left the McCain campaign last year to “serve as campaign manager and finance director for the AG’s re-election.” Right. McMaster’s so concerned about the office of attorney general that he paid Henry’s consulting firm $19,374 and change in just the past few months. Sho ’nuff.

So, boys, let’s shake off the rust and get it on.


Andy Card is not the right fit for Carolina
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Just recently, former Bush chief of staff Andrew Card has been floated for the USC presidency, if for no other reason than he graduated from the engineering school and has friends in high places.

Like, say, the South Carolina attorney general’s office. According to an AP story, a former aide to Card, Bryan Stirling, is a top advisor to S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster, and sent a letter to the Carolina presidential search committee.

But, let’s face it: do we really want the right-hand man of the worst president since Herbert Hoover (at least Hoover only had one term to fuck things up)? Card was in the president’s ear for six years. And, considering the long-running massive catastrophe that has been the Bush years, South Carolina’s flagship university doesn’t need someone with that kind of extraordinary ability to generate a clusterfuck.

Of course, you have people pimping Card like Rick Quinn’s boy Adam Fogle, who only operates as a mouthpiece of his firm (which, incidentally, would be running McMaster’s gubernatorial campaign). His reasoning is “SC needs a leader who is not a lackey of academia but someone with real world experience and relevance to move the school forward.” WTF?

I’m sure that Fogle doesn’t know much about Sorensen’s tenure, seeing as he was in Georgia for most of the current president’s tenure, but Sorensen’s done massive things for Carolina. Let’s see what’s happened since he took over: the Colonial Center, the Greek Village, the Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center, massive renovations of the Russell House, extensive nanotech research, Innovista, other projects dumping tons of money and personnel into science, three presidential debates, et cetera and so on.

What can Card do? Raise money. Well, shit, Cletus, any big-name Republican/business leader/plutocrat can do that. How about we get someone that actually knows how to be a university executive? Maybe someone that can tell the brain-dead General Assembly to quit cutting funding for higher education? Somebody that can continue the giant steps Carolina has taken in the past seven years?

Really – if all it takes is a fundraiser with friends in high places, why not Terry McAuliffe? Hell, he was chair of the DNC and is friends with a lot of big money people. Why not former DNC chairman and long-time Carolina professor Don Fowler? Sure, he’s a little old, but that hasn’t stopped John McCain.

The thing is, McAuliffe and Fowler are just as wrong of choices as Card. But, they’re not Republicans affiliated Henry Mac.

Ex-aide to president touted for job at Univ. of SC [The Associated Press]

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