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Quinns + S.C. CfG = BFF

In other Howard Rich foot soldier news, the fine people at S.C. Club for Growth seem to have solidified their ties to (and, perchance, allegiance from?) one of S.C.’s top three consulting firms.

Yes sir, the Quinns gave $6,900 to SCCfG last quarter, spaced out between The Copy Shop, Mail Marketing Strategies and the firm’s personal booze palace, The Back Porch.

Interesting. In Will Folks’ proposal to the Club last year, the Quinns were mentioned as a relatively minor player in the Club’s plans for the ’08 elections.

But, a decent number of the Quinns’ clients were “hit list” contenders, and the firm’s propaganda office has of late been an apologist for SCGOP Chairman Katon Dawson and Rich, Dawson’s newest buddy.

Then again, maybe it’s just a way for the Quinns to ameliorate things because of Rick’s involvement with the state trial lawyers’ organization.


SCGOP just givin’ it away!
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While the state Democrats are having to import funds to supplement their election efforts, the state Republican Party is, dare John say, redistributing the wealth?

Fo sho, fo sho. In an effort to buttress GOP efforts in some swing and not-so-swing states, S.C. Republicans are taking advantage of their respective largesse and putting some of the money elsewhere. According to the pre-election report, the following cash is going the following places:

Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania

Republican Party of Florida

Maine Republican Party

North Carolina Republican Party

Nevada Republican State Central Committee

New Hampshire Republican Party

Republican Party of Virginia

Oh, wow. When you consider that a recent poll has Rep. Henry Brown with just a five-point lead in SC-1, you’ve got to wonder about the state party spreading out the cash to so many other places.

UPDATE: Turns out, the Penn GOP returned half that cash, and, surprisingly, the RNC put some money in the state like WOAH. That is, $275,000 in one transfer. Not bad, Kemo Sabe.

South Carolina Republican Party []


Obama, DNC dump more bones into SCDP’s federal account
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Vierdsen doesn’t entirely know where all this money is going to, but as of the pre-election report, Sen. Barack Obama and the DNC have put even more cash into the state Democratic Party’s federal campaign account.

In the first two weeks of October, Obama put a whopping $48,000 toward the efforts of the SCDP, which is pretty shocking considering that the Illinois senator has no chance to carry the state next week.

The DNC, at the same time, funneled $99,893. Over all, Obama has spent $58,500 and the DNC has put in $247,407. One has to wonder how things will end up, with the party getting so much money from national sources.

Democratic Party of South Carolina []


HD-79 set to turn from red to blue (maybe)
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The retirement of Rep. Bill Cotty in HD-79 (Columbia/Northeast Richland/Kershaw) looked, at the first glance, to be a bad thing for House Republicans. Also, it’s always a shame to lose a good guy in the General Assembly, no matter what party they are or what their ideology is (or lack thereof).

Before he retired, Cotty expressed that if he did step down, it would mean that the district would likely go Democratic in the next cycle. Community organizer and political consultant Anton Gunn, who gave Cotty a run for his money the last time, announced for the seat.

Gunn, having been a leader in Sen. Barack Obama’s big win in the South Carolina Democratic Primary, had then, and still has, a lot of people believing that if the seat can be flipped, he’s the guy to do it.

The Republican Primary battle for the seat was a little strange. Sheri Few, a leader of S.C. Parents Involved in Education, an SCRG ally and a first-class nut, seemed like she would get the nomination, what with her money and initial showing. But, in the runoff, moderate (well, anybody put next to Few looks moderate) David Herndon pulled the upset. Few’s people didn’t get out to vote, and Herndon put together an excellent GOTV operation.

Now, Republicans that may have crossed over in the event of a Few nomination could be staying with the party. Plus, no one can discount Herndon’s ground game after his performance in the runoff. Going into the last of the disclosures (Oct. 15 reports), Gunn leads Herndon in cash-on-hand by 2-to-1, and has been massively outspending his opponent.

It still remains to be seen whether Gunn, in what should be his bailiwick, can combine a good ground game with his money advantage, and whether Herndon can keep district Republicans at home while recreating his runoff upset.

David Herndon (R)
3Q $ raised: $14,085
3Q $ spent: $9,289.16
Cash on hand: $5,024.48

Anton Gunn (D)
3Q $ raised: $43,215.23
3Q $ spent: $58,131.68
Cash on hand: $11,410.03


Action among the losers
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People rarely check up on what’s going on in the campaign accounts of losing candidates. It’s not liable to be newsworthy or politically relevant.

Then there’s blogs, thankfully.

Katrina Shealy, who got about $50,000 from Howard Rich and his friends, then nailed by Sen. Jake Knotts in the runoff, is still paying her consultants. Starboard Communications got $15,000 from Shealy on Sept. 1, about two and a half months after the election. She also paid $561 to Nelson Mullins on Sept. 28 for a “legal opinion.” That’s a little odd. Sure, a campaign may put an attorney on retainer during the race to run things by them, but a “legal opinion” in late September, three months after the election?

Two of the SCRG/Conservatives in Action-tied Sandlapper Group‘s losing candidates are still paying those guys, too. Ed Rumsey, who got absolutely obliterated in his race for HD-2, paid Chad Connelly and Taft Matney $20,000. Kyle Boyd, who lost to Rep. Carl Gullick, sent $14,481.14 Sandlapper’s way.

Joe Bustos, who lost to Mike Sottile in HD-112, has lauched a camapaign for mayor of Mt. Pleasant and has hired Rod Shealy to run that race.


State GOP involved in caging activities?
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If this is true, it doesn’t make sense to Vierdsen. According to sources close to Vierdsonian Democracy the S.C. GOP may be involved in caging activities, which have been a very controversial activity in places like Ohio.

Apparently, the state party has been sending out massive amounts of mailpieces, seen in recent payments here:












…and here:


That’s a lot of printing/mail/whatever. And, word is that they’re taking mailings that are returned as “non-deliverable” to conduct challenges to the voter registration rolls.

Don’t know if it’s true, but John’s sources say it is. And, it’s a little messed up. The Republican Party in this state couldn’t be more powerful. Why is the state GOP pulling this?

And, why would Katon Dawson allow it? Sure, politics in South Carolina is a rough-and-tumble business, but Dawson is running for RNC chairman. Certainly, getting involved with unethical voter suppression activity will make him look bad to the rest of the RNC.


Barrett has 24.5 times more cash than Dyer
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The last decent contested race in this state looks the worst for the Democratic candidate. Jane Dyer, who didn’t have a chance to begin with, is down, in a big way, to perspective gubernatorial candidate Rep. Gresham Barrett.

According to the disclosure reports, Barrett has over $729,000 on hand for the homestretch of the campaign, while his challenger has only $29,739. On top of that, Dyer has $4,000 in debt to deal with.

Vierdsen thought a while back that Dyer had no chance, and the latest reports simply reinforce that belief.

Also, there’s the lame issue that Fogle’s trying to bring up, that Barrett will go to another consultant for his gubernatorial run. Really, dipshit?

Maybe you should make a call to your boy B.J. Boling, who worked with you in Sen. John McCain’s primary campaign before going over to Starboard. Imbecile. Obviously your tax-evading boss is passing this shit on.

Oh, in an unrelated issue, come on Will, don’t be a douchebag. Either say “motherfucker,” or choose a different word. Switching around letters is what idiotic middle-schoolers do.

Jane Dyer []
Gresham Barrett []

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