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That is, um, sad


:( [I Thought Obama Would Get Me Laid]





Not liking this whole “Lawnmower Man” vibe. Creepy.


Don’t do it! YOU’RE A YOUNG MAN!
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Vierdsen’s second-guessed President-elect Barack Obama a few times, and each time Obama’s come through with no problem. The pick of Joe Biden for VP didn’t look that great, but it appeared to end up as neutral or positive, in the end.

But, this thing with Sen. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State has got to stop. It doesn’t take a genius (just watch the TV pundits) to figure out that there would be way too much drama associated with Clinton in that position. He can’t be serious about the nomination.

Here’s where it becomes political theatre.

Obama offers the position to Clinton, leaks it to the press and shows that he’s being magnanimous, while knowing that there’s no way she’d take it. She’d have to swallow her own opinions and become a talking head for the President. It would also be a hard place to run from if she plans to make another try at the presidency.

Clinton, knowing she’d never take the position, politely declines, but shows her commitment to the new president by being a leader, along with Sen. Ted Kennedy, on Obama’s health care plan.

Then, Obama picks Sen. John Kerry, as a tip of the hat to a guy that knows multiple languages, is good with foreign governments and gave Obama his coming out party at the ’04 convention.

Everybody wins.

LOOSE SPRATT ENDS: It really surprised Vierdsen that some people (cough, cough, Fogle, cough, cough) got their panties moist about the idea of SC-5 going open with Rep. John Spratt being selected as Obama’s head of the Office of Management and Budget. Um, maybe he didn’t get the message, but Obama picked fucking Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff. There’s no way Emanuel, after busting his ass to get Dems elected in red districts, would allow Obama to pick Spratt for anything.

There’s a reason people like Spratt, and Rep. Rick Boucher in Virginia, are able to win districts that they should have no business in. They’re conservative Democrats who have an excellent record of constituent service, and people remember that. If you’re good to your voters, no matter what letter is next to your name on the ballot, you’ve got a good chance at re-election (Chris Shays excepted).

Of course, the second one of these guys leave, the district immediately goes Republican. And, if you’re a smart guy like Emanuel, you don’t allow that to happen.


Transition we can believe in?


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Josh Lyman returns to the West Wing
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During the Clinton administration, Vierdsen thought Rahm Emanuel was just another unchained attack dog unleashed to wreak havoc on the increasingly negative press corps and a “thumbs up their asses” Congressional GOP leadership.

It wouldn’t be the first time John underestimated a political operative.

Emanuel went on to become a representative from Chicago and lead the fight to win back the House for the Democrats. Not only did he do that, but he did even better this year, to the point where President-elect Barack Obama selected him to become the White House chief of staff.

If you’re a nerd like Vierdsen, you know that Josh Lyman’s character in “The West Wing” was based off of Emanuel. And, in what has to be an unimaginable first, his brother Ari is the basis for “Entourage” super-agent Ari Gold.

So, if you want to know how the Obama White House will be run, it would behoove you to start watching reruns (or, if you’re lucky, pop in the DVDs) of “The West Wing.”

Rahm Emanuel: Obama’s Chief of Staff [HuffPo]






Jeffrey Sewell, racist?

For a good few months, it looked like Jeffrey Sewell’s ascot was cutting off the oxygen flow to his brain. It’s only getting worse.


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