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State Rep. from Auburn endorses Dawson
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In what should be an endorsement to give back, SCGOP chairman Katon Dawson got the approval of Ala. GOP chairman (and State Rep.) Mike Hubbard.

Let’s just say that the decision-making abilities of people from that area of the state may not be the best in the world. Cows and trailer parks, yes. Innovative ideas? Not so much.

That endorsement pales in comparison to former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell’s haul today, which includes the Club for Growth’s Pat Toomey, Eagle Forum crone Phyllis Schlafly, James Dobson of Focus on the Family, Steve Forbes, &c. Damn, son. That list is base-alicious.

Alabama’s Hubbard endorses SC’s Dawson for RNC [WHNT]
Top conservatives back Blackwell [Politico]


John thinks you’re SECsee: Week Six
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For entertainment purposes only!

Spreads count, you blue law junkies. John will be taking the open line from Alabama native and resident USA Today oddsmaker Danny Sheridan.

Kentucky (4-0) @ No. 2 Alabama (5-0)
Line: Alabama by 17
So far, the line has been trending down. And, while Vierden usually distrusts Alabama covering such a large spread, he’s going to stick his neck out and say take Bama and the points. A game like this, after a big win against Georgia, will show if this Tide team is for real by being consistent.

No. 12 Florida (3-1) @ Arkansas (2-2)
Line: Florida by 22
Though people (eg. ESPN) have said that this could be a trap game and that the Gators should watch out, the Razorbacks suck so bad that Florida should come away with at least a 28-point win.

No. 13 Auburn (4-1) @ No. 19 Vanderbilt (4-0)
Line: Auburn by 6
The line on this contest, which will be the home of ESPN GameDay, has dropped 2.5 points. Here’s the situation: if Auburn scores points and limits turnovers, it will win. If not, Vandy will at least cover and perhaps pull the upset. Take the Commodores.

South Carolina (3-2) @ Ole Miss (3-2)
Line: Ole Miss by 3
This game sets up as one where a team coached by the Right Rev. Houston Nutt screws the pooch after a major win. It’s his m.o. Vierdsen believes that Ole Miss should win this ballgame, but something says, oh, fuck it. Take the Rebels to cover.

Northern Illinois (2-2) @ Tennessee (1-3)
Line: Tennessee by 17
There’s no way the Vols win by 17. The offense is simply not good enough.

Vierdsen’s record: 10-4


Relationships v. College Football

If you’re an SEC football fan, you’ve probably run into this at least once. There are issues with football and your significant other, and it causes problems. Of course, for Vierdsen’s last relationship, it just meant that he acted like a total fucking idiot. Such things happen.

But, let’s say it comes down to “it’s me or [insert team here].” Holly Anderson, of Snarkastic, EDSBS and Dr. Saturday, had that happen to her. She’s a Tennessee fan (boo!) living in Los Angeles, and God knows that West Coast people don’t have a clue of understanding football devotion in the South. So, the following happened to her:

We lasted one contentious month into college football season, and on Friday he told me if I left town to watch the Auburn game with my alumni crew instead of going to his buddy’s premiere, to not call him when I got back. I took my key off the ring, tossed it to him, and left without a backward look.

Now we all know I’m Not Sorry is my favorite phrase, but you have to believe me–my mythical temper is just not in play here. (For what it’s worth, I enjoy my anger issues. They’re what makes me fun at parties. Seriously, if your favorite memory of me doesn’t involve me being really, really, really mad about something, you just haven’t known me long enough. Stick around.) Tonight, Sean is sorry. Tonight, Sean wants me to know he didn’t mean that. And I don’t believe him.

That’s what college football taught me about relationships this weekend: If he’s the kind of guy to draw a line like that over me skipping out on a backyard movie night for a conference game…what does it say about him as a person that he’s that straight-up unwilling, not even to adapt to my upbringing and priorities; I’m not asking that, but to just accept that this is part of my life once a week for a scant third of the year? I don’t think this is the scoreboard talking, but tonight? It’s not even worth continuing on with our lowest-maintenance, path-of-least-commitment arrangement, which is really saying something. And the game hurt so much worse. That’s saying something else.

In the original movie adaptation of “Fever Pitch,” Colin Firth as Paul Ashworth talks about how, when it comes down to it, being a devoted fan isn’t so crazy. You have an instant family, people to care about, and there’s always next year. The team will always be there. People won’t.

That may seem juvenile. It certainly is. Your favorite team won’t cook you dinner or cuddle with you or make jokes with you when you’re watching stupid TV shows. But, it’s been there, every season, since you were a kid, and that’s worth something.

I got dumped over the Auburn game.* [Snarkastic]


John wants to SEC you up: Week Five

For entertainment purposes only!

Spreads count, you blue law junkies. John will be taking the open line from Alabama native and resident USA Today oddsmaker Danny Sheridan.

No. 8 Alabama (4-0) @ No. 3 Georgia (4-0)
Line: Georgia by 7.5
Vierdsen’s a homer. Take the Tide. In his objective opinion, though, Georgia is excellent on both sides of the ball. Coach Mark Richt has made his imprint in Athens, and that means a great team that comes up just short on a regular basis. The last time these two teams were both good (2002), Georgia won. Then again, Bama almost pulled it out last year, so go figure.

Ole Miss (2-2) @ No. 4 Florida (3-0)
Line: Florida by 24
Though Ole Miss lost to Vandy, who isn’t these days? Ha! But seriously, the Rebels are too well-coached to get nailed by Florida by more than three touchdowns. Take the Fightin’ Giggity Giggity Goos.

Mississippi State (1-3) @ No. 5 LSU (3-0)
Line: LSU by 23.5
There’s no way in the deepest, darkest, hottest parts of Hell that MSU keeps this close. The Bulldogs have no offense, and as shown by the utter shit they took in Atlanta over the weekend, the defense may not be so good, either. Take the Bengal Tigers and the points.

Tennessee (1-2) @ No. 15 Auburn (3-1)
Line: Auburn by 6.5
Even though Auburn screwed the pooch against LSU on Saturday, and its offense looks positively shitty shitty shitty, Vierdsen doesn’t have much faith in the Viles. Florida did a good job in Knoxville, and John doesn’t think that Auburn’s any worse than the Gators. The Plainsmen War Eagles Tigers should cover.

UAB (1-3) @ South Carolina (2-2)
Line: South Carolina by 26.5
Vierdsen’s first sports memories are of attending UAB basketball games (against such then-Sun Belt luminaries as VCU and Old Dominion). His parents went to UAB. He has love for the Blazers. He also knows that UAB really, really sucks this year. This could go one of two ways – either UAB will show up, put on a good show and keep it relatively close, or Carolina will put up over 40 like in ’03. Take UAB – it’s doubtful Carolina will be able to cover, what with the offensive issues so far this year. Also, please, never ever refer to UAB as “Alabama-Birmingham.” The school never refers to itself this way, and neither do students, alumni or hangers-on. It’s “UAB” or “the University of Alabama at Birmingham.” Get it right, assholes.

Western Kentucky (2-2) @ Kentucky (3-0)
Line: Kentucky by 22.5
Ah, hell. Who cares? UK to cover.

Arkansas (2-1) @ No. 7 Texas (3-0)
Line: Texas by 26.5
The line is not even close to being high enough. Arkansas is a terrible team. Getting out of Fayetteville may have been the best thing for Houston Nutt to do. Texas will score early, often, and utterly embarrass the Hogs. Take the Longhorns and the points.

Vanderbilt is off this week. The Dores get Auburn on Oct. 4, which will be the first real test for the team (oh, the pain of USC and Ole Miss fans).


John wants to SEC you up: Week Four

For entertainment purposes only!

With the advent of Week Four of the college football season, the Southeastern Conference is getting ready to do the annual “Fight Club” dance that happens every year. After all, there’s a reason that Alabama beat Arkansas and went 7-6, and Arkansas beat national champion LSU. It’s a grand royale cage fight, and only one gets out alive.

With that being said, this starts the first in Vierdsen’s weekly picks of games on the SEC schedule. And, yes, spreads count, you blue law junkies. John will be taking the open line from Alabama native and resident USA Today oddsmaker Danny Sheridan.

No. 9 Alabama (3-0) @ Arkansas (2-0)
Line: Crimson Tide by 8
The Razorbacks have had to come back in the fourth quarter against such spectacular teams as Western Illinois and UL-Monroe. While the past few contests between Arkansas and Alabama have been interesting affairs, the Hogs also had Houston Nutt as a head coach. Take Bama, with the points.

No. 6 LSU (2-0) @ No. 10 Auburn (3-0)
Line: Pick ’em (trending LSU)
It’s no surprise that betting firms have been giving LSU the favorite status as the week has progressed. Auburn beat Mississippi State 3-2, which is a lower total point total than any of the three games the schools’ baseball teams played to in the Spring. Sheridan thinks Auburn was looking ahead, but Vierdsen goes with LSU.

No. 4 Florida (2-0) @ Tennessee (1-1)
Line: Florida by 7
Tennessee is not that good. Florida has the first player to win a Heisman as a sophomore. The Gators should win by double digits.

No. 3 Georgia (3-0) @ Arizona State (2-1)
Line: Georgia by 5.5 (trending up)
Why the Dawgs aren’t favored by more than 10 is unbelievable. ASU lost to UNLV last week. That’s not Jerry Tarkanian‘s “Runnin’ Rebels” from the early ’90s, but a UNLV team that should never have been able to keep it close. Georgia, big in this one.

Vanderbilt (3-0) @ Ole Miss (2-1)
Line: Ole Miss by 4.5 (trending up)
Vandy is 3-0 with a conference win, but the opening play of the Rebels this year proves that Houston Nutt, as much of a crazy fucker that he is, is a good coach. But, something says this will be close. Take Vandy.

Mississippi State (1-2) @ Georgia Tech (2-1)
Line: Tech by 7
MSU has a good defense, but true to form, it’s offense can’t do diddly. Paul Johnson’s flexbone is a damn fine thing to watch, and it should make the difference. However, Tech is from the ACC, and the ACC sucks, so take State.

Wofford (2-0) @ South Carolina (1-2)
Line: no line
Easy enough – USC, straight up.


From a 3-2 win to your dairy aisle

Is it time for panic with Auburn’s struggling spread offense? [Paul Finebaum/The Press Register]


SEC Football: Simply the best
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The latest AP Top 25 poll shows that, just before SEC teams get into knocking one another off (though Vandy already started the trend against South Carolina), the SEC is well established as the best football conference in the nation.

2. Georgia
4. Florida
7. LSU
9. Auburn
11. Alabama

That’s right. Five of the current top 11 teams in the country hail from the same conference. This won’t last long, though. Georgia gets South Carolina and Alabama this month, and that’s only part of the gladiatorial conference schedule.

AP Top 25 []

Alabama Football

Dave Martin/AP

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