Sanford enters his last two years as a failure

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So, what has Gov. Mark Sanford accomplished in his past six years in office? Not much, except squeezing a couple of State Sen. Jake Knotts’ pigs to the point that they shat all over his shoes and the floor of the State House.

But, that has not stopped Sanford from acting like he actually matters. His new bullshit line of spin is that members of the General Assembly are passing along patronage like Halloween candy. Naturally, he forgets his own complicity in diverting money to his people.

Sanford asked that more than $100,000 left over from hosting a national governor’s convention be given to a nonprofit group run by his allies. The money later was returned to the state. Sanford also intervened on behalf of a campaign contributor during a contract dispute to redevelop a Beaufort County port. Sanford said he was looking out for taxpayers by putting his real estate background to use for them.


It’s all so incredibly lame. Sanford is just like Lane Kiffin — he cannot get anything done on the job, but he can keep getting another job. State Sen. Glenn McConnell called it perfectly:

McConnell also noted the unemployment dispute. Past governors, he said, would have brought together all parties to find a solution. But Sanford is more interested in how his actions will play in the polls, McConnell said.
“It’s always as though it’s somebody else’s fault,” McConnell said. “His failures are of his own making. …
“Gov. Sanford has some great ideas, but his execution is the worst that I have seen of a governor.”

The latest thing is who Sanford will endorse for governor. It’s believed that U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett, Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer and Atty. Gen. Henry McMaster will run in the Republican primary. It would be a good idea for all three to turn a cold shoulder to Sanford and do their own thing.

Sanford’s ‘failures are of his own making,’ senator says [The State]
Sanford mostly silent on 2010 governor’s race [The State]


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