Gears moving on leadership battles

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According to Wes Donehue, in a post he wrote yesterday, SCGOP Chairman Katon Dawson is on the move toward trying to win the chairmanship of the RNC. He’s trying to get S.C. Republicans with influence to work the committee members for votes in what looks like a three-man race (and possibly more people will announce or are working behind the scenes).

The prospect of having Dawson’s crazy missives move from Columbia fax machines to DC’s can’t be a good thing for the national party. Though, it’s understandable why a good many S.C. operatives are backing him, since it would mean influence (and jobs?) for them in the future.

In other news, Tim Scott and Dan Hamilton have been elected as the leaders of the House Freshmen, and that seems like a good idea. The Midlands get shafted again, but the geographical balance between the Upstate and the Lowcountry is important.

There’s a great story about the Revolutionary War that shows how things are like in S.C. To get the colony to agree to break away from Britain, the patriots sent around a person from the Lowcountry, a person from the Upstate, and a minister. The reasoning was no one from the Upstate would trust a wealthy Charlestonian, and the people in the Lowcountry wouldn’t trust some back-country farmer. So, they had to send a representative of both, with a man of the cloth to bind it together. At least we know that worked once.


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