Oh noes!

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Vierdsen was going into his usual mid-afternoon routine when he turned on MSNBC and thought, “WTF? Is that Mark Sanford? Why are they letting him talk?!?” Sanford is at the Republican Governors Association meeting in Miami, natch, and, taking a break from enhancing his perma-tan, gave a Cliff’s Notes version (OMG! NOW HE’S ON CNN!) of his column from earlier in the week.

The MSNBC anchor said that Sanford is expected to be elected head of the RGA. Say it ain’t so, Joe. What. a. mistake.

Did Bobby Jindal (Louisiana), Tim Pawlenty (Minnesota) and Haley Barbour (Mississippi) all say no? What about Florida’s Charlie Crist? Well, Barbour was head of the RNC and probably not interested, Jindal already has a trip scheduled to Iowa (hello, 2012!), so that’s out, but Pawlenty and Crist have to be close to the top of your short list.

Really, how can you elect a guy to a national leadership post when half (nay, more than half) of his own party in his home state can’t stand him?

LOOSE ENDS: Funny, that when Vierdsen read this story in the Free Times, it seemed a lot like the one he wrote, though with less snark and swearing. That’s not to say that he thinks FT reads VD, but that news pegs are sometimes so obvious it’s like they’re walking up and introducing themselves.


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