Sanford doing what he does best: attacking Republicans

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…and now, back to business as usual here at your choice site for political vitriol.

How did Mark Sanford get elected? Twice? This is a guy who managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the state GOP, not to mention the electorate, to do a whole lot of nothing. He just sits on his throne and makes a lot of noise, none of which goes anywhere.

Perhaps Sanford’s only accomplishment as governor was collaborating with his minority of supporters and hangers-on to target members of his own party in primary elections. When Primary Day came, that didn’t turn out well for him either.

His only credibility comes from the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal, Howard Rich, John Stossel and the like who constitute the intelligentsia of plutocrat libertarianism.

Now, his latest column made it national, up on CNN.com, and he’s doing what he does best, turning the guns on his own party. In a bizarre turn, he tries to tell the GOP to operate like a major company:

Chick-fil-a does not say to its franchisees, “However you want to cook the sandwiches is cool with me.” They are precise in what they expect, and it’s my hope going forward more conservatives in all corners of America will be equally precise and exacting in making sure their views are reflected by the party that supposedly represents them.

Um, OK. Vierdsen likes the chicken nuggets as much (no, more) than the next man, but that’s such a screwed-up analogy, it makes your brain turn flips.

Political parties are not major corporations, and can’t act that way, especially in this country. We have two major parties. As such, they have to operate in a big-tent way if they are going to win a governing majority. That means millions of people, each with a slightly different ideology and general beliefs.

If Sanford wants the GOP to be as strict as a corporation with numerous franchises, then he’s evidently trying to screw over his party one more time. The Republican electorate, like the Democratic one, has many common beliefs, but it’s not in lockstep uniformity. If that’s what Sanford wants, then he must be planning for a pretty small tent.

Commentary: Conservatives didn’t lose election, GOP did [CNN.com]


1 Response to “Sanford doing what he does best: attacking Republicans”

  1. 1 NyquilAndJokes
    November 12, 2008 at 1:14 am

    If fascism is religion wedded to the state and the owners of the means of production under corporate control and is, essentially, just corporate control of the government, then is that what Mark Sanford wants?

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