Win (part 2)


Are you there 1992? It’s me, Vierdsen. Seriously, this Alabama team did all it could do to let LSU win the game. There were three turnovers in the first half, including one by current goat wide receiver Earl Alexander as he tried to stretch the ball over the end zone line. The fact is, defense does win championships. Defensive back Rashad Johnson had a school-tying record three picks in the game, including one for a touchdown and another to end LSU’s drive for points in overtime.

In ’92, Bama’s offense was average at best, but the defense made the difference. Anybody that watched Saturday’s battle royale against LSU would have to make the same assumption. As of right now, the national pundits believe that Florida will beat Bama in the SEC Championship game and play for the second consecutive year time in three years in the national championship game. That’s fine. The second national pundits start playing up the Tide will be the week Bama loses. Winning ugly is still winning, plus, Alabama beat the 3.5-point spread. Winner winner, chicken dinner. Now, it’s off to two more revenge games.

Sylvester Croom, Bear Bryant’s first black All-American, will lead his Mississippi State team into Tuscaloosa for a 7:45 p.m. ESPN game this weekend. MSU beat the Tide the past two seasons, and the Bulldogs are due for a revenge shanking. In the last game of the regular season, a shitty Auburn team comes in looking to extend its winning streak against Bama to seven games. For the first time in history, the Tigers have a six-game streak against the Tide.

Like in politics, all you need is 50 percent plus one. If Bama can win its next two, then hold off Lord Tebow in Atlanta, the Tide will probably get a rematch of the ’06 Cotton Bowl against Texas Tech, or get a legendary showdown against Texas. It’s on, motherfucker!

Tidal Wave: ‘Bama clinches SEC West with OT win [The Tuscaloosa News]

UPDATE: How the hell did nobody call out Vierden for the mistake illustrated by the strikethrough above? Damn. John wrote this post after a few drinks, but that’s no excuse for an SEC readership not to pillory someone for saying something so stupid, since LSU whipped Ohio State last year, not Florida.


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