Millwood whaa?!?

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Speaking of FITS, Will Folks is all sorts of throwing out knowledge about the reorganization going on with House Republicans. One thing, though, seriously has to be bullshit.

He says that Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell is going to, among other people, try to create an alliance with newly-elected lobotomy patient Joey Millwood.

Millwood? Really? This is a guy who willingly became a stooge for Howard Rich and friends. He’s a sports editor for a small-town newspaper.

For those who don’t know, small-town sports editors fall into two categories:

1) Young writers who are so desperate that they don’t give a damn
2) Older writers that a) can’t do any better and/or b) beat the odds and married someone who didn’t have a child at 17.

The only reason that Millwood won is that Rep. Bob Walker made the mistake of going with Starboard Communications as his consulting firm. One of Starboard’s associates was former S.C. Club for Growth executive director Josh Gross. Gross also did all of the mail pieces for the Sandlapper Group, done out of Starboard and billed to Sandlapper. And Millwood was…a Sandlapper client! What a shock.

It’s amazing that Walker hasn’t sued to get his money back. And, what’s worse, we’re stuck with Millwood until the voters in the Upstate get a chance to rectify things.

Surely, there’s no way that Harrell would go to him for anything but odds for Friday night football.


1 Response to “Millwood whaa?!?”

  1. 1 Elephancy
    November 7, 2008 at 11:14 am

    If you’re right about Walker’s consultants throwing him under the bus like that, then…wow. I’d like to get their side of it.

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