Dispatch from Blue Virginia

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Turns out, Vierdsen mère is doing civic duty as a poll worker on election day (hoorah for someone under 80 doing that job), and the City of Richmond is in high gear for the elections.

Richmond, which is so blue that the voters in the 2000 GOP primary were almost all Dems, has early voting lines that are over an hour long. Other developments:

* City Hall, which is having heat issues, had to shut down because space heaters caused a fire alarm to go off. They moved the voting machines to the health department, which is just across the street.

* Several women, in various stages of disability, said they wouldn’t have voted (too painful), but this year is different and they brought chairs and inched along in the line to make sure they could cast their ballots.

* In what’s a really cool regulation, if you’re too disabled, injured or whatever to stand in line, poll workers will bring out a voting machine to your car, allowing for “curbside voting.” To make sure everything’s kosher, a Democratic and a Republican poll watcher tag along.

* In what sucks, mayoral candidates are making robocalls to cell phones. Wonder how many votes that costs them (at least one).

*As of right now, the city is expecting a massive turnout on Election Day, mainly because of the large amount of student and black voters in the city (and middle-aged white liberals, natch). Over/under on NoVa students trying to vote, but not realizing they’re registered in Fairfax?

Sounds like it should be an interesting day in Virginia on Tuesday.


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