GOP getting ready to re-tool

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Sean Connery, as a Soviet ballistic missile submarine captain in “The Hunt for Red October,” said, “A little revolution, now and then, is a good thing, don’t you think?”

Certainly, it must be for the national Republican Party. The party is at its worst spot in decades. Word is that two days after Election Day, major players in the party will gather in Virginia to figure out “where do we go from here?” This is good. Like nature tells us, forest fires are actually healthy events, killing off underbrush and allowing healthy vegetation to grow.

Maybe it was Bill Maher, or Dennis Miller (before he went off the reservation), that said that the reason people vote for Republicans is because of fiscal conservatism. If there is anything that the Bush years have told us, the modern national Republican Party wants to spend your money like it doesn’t matter. Even more, they want to get involved in your personal life.

Let’s face it — apart from the minority of social conservatives, people don’t want government in their bedroom. What wins for the GOP are fiscal issues, not social issues. You start telling people who they can diddle and where they can do it, that’s going to turn people off (looking at you, Fogle).

If the leaders of the GOP have their wits about them, they’ll realize that the way to win is to get to the fiscal conservatism that the American public expects, but haven’t gotten in recent years, from the GOP.

If the leadership goes down the Sarah Palin path, expect more than four years in the wilderness.


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