Too little, too late for Team McCain

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Sen. John McCain’s old m.o. was that he was a flinty ex-fighter pilot and POW who voted his conscience and tried to emulate his role model, Sen. Barry Goldwater. He did it in 2000, but the Bush campaign proved to be the rougher of the two.

After apparently “learning his lesson,” McCain embraced Bush’s policies, to the detriment of his image. That’s caused problems for him this entire campaign, as there seems to be a civil war between the old McCain and the new McCain.

This has led to bad choices, namely the selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, and focusing on issues that didn’t matter to the majority of voters, like the Bill Ayers mess and using hyperbolic language (eg. he’s a Marxist! He eats babies for sport! He pushed Stephen Garcia!).

Something that would have worked, as Vierdsen said earlier, is going after Sen. Barack Obama as the missing part in a Democratic trinity that would mean an all-Democratic government for the first time since ’93-’94.

While pointy-headed academics have long advocated for majoritarian government (like in European parliaments), in the past 20 years the American public has largely decided it would rather have divided government — a way for both sides to keep an eye on each other.

Though the air is decidedly toxic for Republicans this cycle, there may have been a chance for McCain to keep it close, and perhaps shrink Obama’s coat tails.

And, now it’s too late.


1 Response to “Too little, too late for Team McCain”

  1. 1 d.r
    October 31, 2008 at 8:59 am

    hey hope you win

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