SCGOP just givin’ it away!

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While the state Democrats are having to import funds to supplement their election efforts, the state Republican Party is, dare John say, redistributing the wealth?

Fo sho, fo sho. In an effort to buttress GOP efforts in some swing and not-so-swing states, S.C. Republicans are taking advantage of their respective largesse and putting some of the money elsewhere. According to the pre-election report, the following cash is going the following places:

Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania

Republican Party of Florida

Maine Republican Party

North Carolina Republican Party

Nevada Republican State Central Committee

New Hampshire Republican Party

Republican Party of Virginia

Oh, wow. When you consider that a recent poll has Rep. Henry Brown with just a five-point lead in SC-1, you’ve got to wonder about the state party spreading out the cash to so many other places.

UPDATE: Turns out, the Penn GOP returned half that cash, and, surprisingly, the RNC put some money in the state like WOAH. That is, $275,000 in one transfer. Not bad, Kemo Sabe.

South Carolina Republican Party [FEC.gov]


1 Response to “SCGOP just givin’ it away!”

  1. 1 Randy
    October 28, 2008 at 7:15 am

    That is Katon Dawson and Company buying favors with other state parties and candidates!

    We have good republicans running in this state that get NOTHING!!!! from the party, except a cold shoulder. I hear candidates complaining all the time that they barely get their phone calls answered, let alone get meaningful help!

    Don’t you see this is more of the same…the powerful “inner group” of the GOP using the party to enhance their fame and glory? The GOP is run by pompous men that only care about themselves.

    This is why we are going to be swept from office. We squandered our moral right to lead.

    PS… Oh yea, Katon for National Chairmam.

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