Lindsey Graham delusional about the chances of his boyfriend, John McCain

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This is absurd. Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. John McCain’s “Little Jerk,” is under the delusion that the Republican nominee will win both North Carolina and Virginia.

John would like a little of what you’re smoking, Lindsey. Especially since in your own reelection race, Undecided is beating you 46-31 against an unknown crazy man.

Look, LG, Pollster.com has Virginia as a “solid Democrat” state. The equivalent the other way is if some off-base Democratic pundit said that Sen. Barack Obama would take Arizona.

Not only that, but North Carolina is increasingly getting out of reach. As of right now, the last five polls are all just about for Obama (+3, Tied, +3, +4, +2). The previous five polls were in Obama’s advantage, as well.

What’s infuriating isn’t Graham taking up for McCain. That’s natural, for a friend and political ally. What is silly is the fact that the facts are so counter to what he’s saying. Talking like he is, is just making him look like Baghdad Bob.

ETV poll | Not-so-solid South [The State]


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