Michael Moore is actually a pretty smart guy

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Vierdsen’s sure that conservative readers of this blog just vomited a little after reading that headline.

Sorry, guys.

The fact is, after watching a talk by Michael Moore at Ann Arbor in September, John’s pretty sure that Moore knows what is going on. First of all, yes he’s fat. Very. Obese, to the max. He’s not looking like he did in his TV Nation days, to say the least. Let’s face it, though – he said something very interesting about Afghanistan.

Moore talked about how sending more troops into Afghanistan never won a war there. Not us, not the Soviet Union, not Genghis Khan. Hey, Vierdsen supports putting more troops into Afghanistan, but facts are facts.

Also, the tubby liberal director, while Sen. John McCain was leading in the polls, said that Sen. Barack Obama would win in a landslide. At the time, he could have either be called stupid or just retarded. Now, it looks like Obama will win with over 360 electoral votes. Crazy. The guy might just be smarter than you think.


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