Barrett has 24.5 times more cash than Dyer

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The last decent contested race in this state looks the worst for the Democratic candidate. Jane Dyer, who didn’t have a chance to begin with, is down, in a big way, to perspective gubernatorial candidate Rep. Gresham Barrett.

According to the disclosure reports, Barrett has over $729,000 on hand for the homestretch of the campaign, while his challenger has only $29,739. On top of that, Dyer has $4,000 in debt to deal with.

Vierdsen thought a while back that Dyer had no chance, and the latest reports simply reinforce that belief.

Also, there’s the lame issue that Fogle’s trying to bring up, that Barrett will go to another consultant for his gubernatorial run. Really, dipshit?

Maybe you should make a call to your boy B.J. Boling, who worked with you in Sen. John McCain’s primary campaign before going over to Starboard. Imbecile. Obviously your tax-evading boss is passing this shit on.

Oh, in an unrelated issue, come on Will, don’t be a douchebag. Either say “motherfucker,” or choose a different word. Switching around letters is what idiotic middle-schoolers do.

Jane Dyer [FEC.gov]
Gresham Barrett [FEC.gov]


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