O, God: Henry Brown has a 5.6-to-1 advantage on Linda Ketner in the dollar race

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With all due respect to my friends in S.C.’s progressive blogosphere, the earlier post on Rob Miller and this one proves what was always going to happen: an underfunded Democratic candidate will get soundly beaten.

Rep. Henry Brown, who is fending off Linda Ketner for SC-1, has topped the seven-figure mark. As of now, he’s got $1.16 million on hand. One million, for a fucking House race. In South Carolina. Unbelievable. Brown seems to be a pretty boring dude and you’d think that Rep. Generic Republican could do pretty well in that district.

Ketner, bless her heart, is a little bit behind. She’s sitting on about $206,000, with $440,000 in outstanding debt.

Considering that Brown can pretty much call his shots because of the dolla-bill margin, consider this one over.

Linda Ketner [FEC.gov]
Henry Brown [FEC.gov]


2 Responses to “O, God: Henry Brown has a 5.6-to-1 advantage on Linda Ketner in the dollar race”

  1. October 17, 2008 at 10:20 am

    It’s typical Rod Shealy strategy to run under the radar, ride out early punches, and save one’s ammunition to blitz in the last couple of weeks. As you point out, they’re in the position to push off now. $1 million is good for pretty good coverage on TV and in direct mail for about two weeks.

    When that happens, I’m guessing most of the ground the Ketner campaign has gained with their early advertising will be largely rolled back. Probably not all of it, but enough to prevail by a modest margin.

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