Nancy Harrelson should be scared of Jim Clyburn’s warchest

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In the other “whatevs, it’s a fucking blowout” race in South Carolina, Republican Nancy Harrelson is tilting at windmills against Rep. Jim Clyburn in SC-6. By the way, if someone can find Harrelson’s disclosure reports with the Feds, Vierdsen would like to see it.

You can search for “Nancy,” “Harrelson,” “Nancy for Congress,” and “Nancy 4 Congress,” but the FEC’s usually brilliant Web site will not turn up the goods. What the hell is going on?

Much like SC-2, SC-6 is an impenetrable fortress for the opposition party. That was the idea when the Black Caucus and the Republicans got together years ago to gerrymander the districts to make a black-majority district and a super-secure GOP district.

It’s doubtful that Harrelson will get lucky, because, let’s be honest, this thing was done the moment she filed. Clyburn has, get this, $1.35 million dollars on hand with a little over two weeks until Election Day.

By the way, this is pretty funny, from Harrelson’s donation waystation Slatecard.com:

Guys, guys – you could have put together that cash for a decent dinner at The Back Porch. Or, do you get your meals comped?

Hey, Vierdsen doesn’t like Clyburn. He thinks the incumbent is just a tad corrupt. He feels the same about Rep. Joe Wilson. The guys are never going to get a legit challenge, so they do whatever. And, ultimately, it won’t matter. Both will win comfortably.

Jim Clyburn [FEC.gov]


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