Joe Wilson has a 3-to-1 money advantage on Rob Miller

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It’s always a confounding thing to Vierdsen how someone can motivate themselves to run a campaign for a seat that they have a next-to-nothing chance to win. For instance, a woman in Virginia in 2000 once asked John why the Democratic Party didn’t have someone primed and ready to provide a counterpoint to Eric Cantor at a local synagogue. Cantor was running, and won, retiring Rep. Tom Bliley’s seat (VA-7).

What Vierdsen didn’t have the balls to tell this rather agitated woman is that the Democrats were never going to find someone that could win the district, Jewish or not.

SC-2 is one of those races. Sure, Democrat Rob Miller may make it closer than 10 points, but S.C.’s Second District is known across the country as one of the most conservative in the nation. Hell, Rep. Joe Wilson took out a $250,000 loan, which seems a little odd for what most would consider a safe seat.

But, as of the latest filings, Wilson has paid off the loan and is sporting over $300,000 cash-on-hand. Miller, on the other hand, has an outstanding $170,000 loan (that he made himself) and is looking at about $102,000 on hand.

Unless the DNC and DCCC decide to sink serious money into this race, Wilson’s going to take it in a walk. The district is already geared in his direction, and he can outspend the opposition 3-to-1? Done, son.

Rob Miller [FEC.gov]
Joe Wilson [FEC.gov]


1 Response to “Joe Wilson has a 3-to-1 money advantage on Rob Miller”

  1. October 17, 2008 at 5:28 pm

    Joe Wilson has stabbed us all in the back with his votes for the billionaire bail-out and will not be getting my vote ever again.

    He’s always been a little squishy on standing up against illegal immigration and open borders. He told me in person that he’s afraid of being called a “racist.” What a wimp! Now he’s taking money from Lindsey Graham and endorsing the biggest traitor in the U.S. Senate.

    He may still win but these are not good times for anyone and things can change drastically in a couple of years.

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