Nihilism: It’s what’s for dinner

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Don’t know why, but watching the Dow plummeting this afternoon was a little exciting. Like when you’re in the middle of a hurricane and thinking, “This is a Category 3? Bullshit.”

The fact is, when the economy’s been going bad for you since, oh, the beginning of Bush’s first term, and it’s never been worse, you stop giving a shit.

That’s what’s led Wonkette commentator Crow T. Robot to evoke the nihilism that’s spreading among the ailing middle class:

I lost my home. I’m am tens of thousand of dollars in debt. I have no assets. All of my disposable income goes to interest payments. I doubt I have $1000 in my retirement. I’m 42.

We don’t need no water. Let the fucker burn.


That’s what makes what Sen. John McCain is doing look so fucking stupid. This guy is going on and on about damn Bill Ayers and doing everything but allowing his surrogates to call Sen. Barack Obama a “secret Muslim,” while people don’t care.

Hey, McCain – want to try and not lose by 200 electoral votes? Talk about the economy with some intelligence at some point, instead of some idiotic tertiary issue that you’re getting wrong, to begin with.

When Obama takes more than 350 electoral votes on Election Day, McCain is going to look like Bob Dole in ’96 and Bush 41 in ’92.

It’s the Clinton mantra all over again, “Change versus more of the same/The economy stupid/Don’t forget health care.”

Watching The Dow Free-Fall Is Too Much Fun [Wonkette]


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