Quinns involved in Abramoff-like deals?

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Months ago, Vierdsen heard that gubernatorial son Tumpy Campbell was going to have his ass in a sling over the Catawba Indian gaming scandal.

According to the Greenville News:

Collier’s lawyers argued in sentencing documents that Collier “relied upon and responded to” the consultants’ recommendations. “He had no intent to violate the law and every reason to expect that he could rely upon the two respected political consultants who had been engaged for guidance.”

Collier went on to allege in the pre-sentencing brief filed in January that “a number of the reimbursements for contributions to candidates for federal office were made to one of the political consultants mentioned above, the son of the former governor who was employed by Mr. Collier’s company to lead the political efforts. This individual clearly knew that he was being reimbursed for his political contributions to federal candidates.”

Campbell said he was the son of the governor referred to by Collier in the documents but said he did nothing wrong.

The other consultant, who wasn’t identified in the documents, was referred to as “one of the state’s leading Republican political consultants.”

The Collier in this case is David “Terry” Collier, who received probation in regard to the above allegations. There are some funny things happening here, and it’s not getting out.

Like, say, a story in The (Rock Hill) Herald in January of 2004 that said that Richard Quinn was doing polling for the Catawba Indians at the time. This is the same Brahman of S.C. politics that is a close unpaid adviser of Sen. John McCain.

What’s even more interesting is that Rick Quinn was involved with Campbell in working with the Catawbas. In the story, Quinn was mentioned as “‘The other consultant, who wasn’t identified in the documents.” It’s no secret that Quinn was working with Campbell, and the two have been working together in the firm Campbell/Quinn LLC.

It’s kind of interesting that S.C. resident d-bag consultant/blogger/convicted felon Will Folks failed to mention this well-known fact in his post on the subject. Some might wonder why.

Also involved with the tribe? None other than Palmetto Policy Group principal Larry Marchant, the Catawbas’ registered lobbyist. It’s worth noting, too, that South Carolina’s cornerstone think tank (and school choice policy incubator) South Carolina Policy Council is involved, as well. After continually opposing gambling issues, the Policy Council did a 180 on the issue without notice or disclosed reason. Sources to Vierdsonian Democracy have said it had to deal with the involvement of former SCPC president Ed McMullen.

Needless to say, this scandal goes way deeper than Campbell’s actions. So, when are the Quinns, Marchant and McMullen going to be called on the carpet?

Late governor’s son says he did nothing wrong in donation case [Greenville News]


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