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Saxby Chambliss deserves to lose
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Back in ’04, the national GOP went hard after Sen. John Kerry to talk shit about his service in the military during the Vietnam War. Kerry, like many other vets, saw the war for what it was and reacted against it when he came home.

That’s what’s so sick about Sen. John McCain’s assertion that he’s served the country since he was 17 and “has the scars to prove it.” The RNC didn’t seem to care about that with Sen. Max Cleland in 2002.

Cleland was a man who served in Vietnam and lost not one, but three limbs in the service of his country — two legs and and arm. Who among you could say that you would lose two legs and an arm in an unpopular war, yet come back home and want to serve your country?

Yet, Chambliss and the RNC set to make it like Cleland was allied with Osama bin Laden and the like.

Riddle Vierdsen this — if a Democrat ran an ad saying a Republican, who lost three limbs in Vietnam was un-American, what would be the amount of time until he was forced to drop out from the race?

Still, Chambliss was complicit in these attacks. Now, it looks like he might lose. Sen. Barack Obama is getting a large number of young people and blacks to return to the polls, and that very well may make the difference.

As of right now, Chambliss is up by less than three percentage points. Considering the amount of “non-likely voters” who are heading to the polls, hopefully he will get beat. Anybody who will put their stamp of approval on a despicable campaign like he did on the ’02 race deserves to get beat.


Dispatch from Blue Virginia
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Turns out, Vierdsen mère is doing civic duty as a poll worker on election day (hoorah for someone under 80 doing that job), and the City of Richmond is in high gear for the elections.

Richmond, which is so blue that the voters in the 2000 GOP primary were almost all Dems, has early voting lines that are over an hour long. Other developments:

* City Hall, which is having heat issues, had to shut down because space heaters caused a fire alarm to go off. They moved the voting machines to the health department, which is just across the street.

* Several women, in various stages of disability, said they wouldn’t have voted (too painful), but this year is different and they brought chairs and inched along in the line to make sure they could cast their ballots.

* In what’s a really cool regulation, if you’re too disabled, injured or whatever to stand in line, poll workers will bring out a voting machine to your car, allowing for “curbside voting.” To make sure everything’s kosher, a Democratic and a Republican poll watcher tag along.

* In what sucks, mayoral candidates are making robocalls to cell phones. Wonder how many votes that costs them (at least one).

*As of right now, the city is expecting a massive turnout on Election Day, mainly because of the large amount of student and black voters in the city (and middle-aged white liberals, natch). Over/under on NoVa students trying to vote, but not realizing they’re registered in Fairfax?

Sounds like it should be an interesting day in Virginia on Tuesday.


Georgia is a toss-up? Seriously?

If this map is anything close to accurate, Sen. John McCain better start getting his concession speech in order.


GOP getting ready to re-tool
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Sean Connery, as a Soviet ballistic missile submarine captain in “The Hunt for Red October,” said, “A little revolution, now and then, is a good thing, don’t you think?”

Certainly, it must be for the national Republican Party. The party is at its worst spot in decades. Word is that two days after Election Day, major players in the party will gather in Virginia to figure out “where do we go from here?” This is good. Like nature tells us, forest fires are actually healthy events, killing off underbrush and allowing healthy vegetation to grow.

Maybe it was Bill Maher, or Dennis Miller (before he went off the reservation), that said that the reason people vote for Republicans is because of fiscal conservatism. If there is anything that the Bush years have told us, the modern national Republican Party wants to spend your money like it doesn’t matter. Even more, they want to get involved in your personal life.

Let’s face it — apart from the minority of social conservatives, people don’t want government in their bedroom. What wins for the GOP are fiscal issues, not social issues. You start telling people who they can diddle and where they can do it, that’s going to turn people off (looking at you, Fogle).

If the leaders of the GOP have their wits about them, they’ll realize that the way to win is to get to the fiscal conservatism that the American public expects, but haven’t gotten in recent years, from the GOP.

If the leadership goes down the Sarah Palin path, expect more than four years in the wilderness.


SCGOP just givin’ it away!
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While the state Democrats are having to import funds to supplement their election efforts, the state Republican Party is, dare John say, redistributing the wealth?

Fo sho, fo sho. In an effort to buttress GOP efforts in some swing and not-so-swing states, S.C. Republicans are taking advantage of their respective largesse and putting some of the money elsewhere. According to the pre-election report, the following cash is going the following places:

Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania

Republican Party of Florida

Maine Republican Party

North Carolina Republican Party

Nevada Republican State Central Committee

New Hampshire Republican Party

Republican Party of Virginia

Oh, wow. When you consider that a recent poll has Rep. Henry Brown with just a five-point lead in SC-1, you’ve got to wonder about the state party spreading out the cash to so many other places.

UPDATE: Turns out, the Penn GOP returned half that cash, and, surprisingly, the RNC put some money in the state like WOAH. That is, $275,000 in one transfer. Not bad, Kemo Sabe.

South Carolina Republican Party []


Obama, DNC dump more bones into SCDP’s federal account
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Vierdsen doesn’t entirely know where all this money is going to, but as of the pre-election report, Sen. Barack Obama and the DNC have put even more cash into the state Democratic Party’s federal campaign account.

In the first two weeks of October, Obama put a whopping $48,000 toward the efforts of the SCDP, which is pretty shocking considering that the Illinois senator has no chance to carry the state next week.

The DNC, at the same time, funneled $99,893. Over all, Obama has spent $58,500 and the DNC has put in $247,407. One has to wonder how things will end up, with the party getting so much money from national sources.

Democratic Party of South Carolina []


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It’s really amazing how irritable the crowd at Richard Quinn & Associates is these days. The election is next week, yet the operatives at the firm seem to be working overtime dealing with bloggers than doing work for their clients.

Smart strategy, there.

Now, someone from RQ&A (from the firm’s server, no less) has been trying to post comments, not refuting what Vierdsen’s posted, but just trying ad-hominem attacks:


When are you going to start posting under your name now that everyone knows who you are?


Wes Wolfe’s inner conscience

P.S. – At least Rick Quinn has a job

Then there was this one:

Why are you censoring my comments, Wes? What’s the matter, you can’t take what you dish out?

Well, Vierdsen is used to some good give and take. What’s funny is how thin-skinned Young Republicans are (with due respect to Vierdsen’s conservative friends). John knows it’s YRs at the firm because older Republicans have actually got the maturity to let it roll off and move on.

It reminds Vierdsen of that great American, President Harry Truman. In a famous interaction a supporter yelled, “Give ’em hell, Harry!” Truman responded, “I don’t give ’em hell. I just tell the truth and they think it’s hell!”

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