Howard Rich friends don’t know what they’re talking about

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It’s funny when imbeciles like Lee Bright and Joey Millwood have to answer actual questions. They’ve taken an enormous amount of money from Howard Rich, say they’re for school choice, but can’t seem to answer simple questions.

Bright said he didn’t make any promises to Rich or his groups to get the money. He said he never spoke to Rich.

“We’re like-minded individuals who are for less government, and he knew my stance from the debates,” Bright said. “But I made no commitments, other than to make South Carolina a better place for my family and other families.”

He didn’t say how Rich knew his positions from his debates with Talley. Most were sparsely attended, and the audience consisted largely of supporters of the two campaigns.

When asked how low-income students would benefit from a tax credit plan, Millwood said, “I’ll have to get back to you.” He said there were “a lot of student grant organizations out there,” but when asked where they were he said he didn’t know and that he’d never looked into it.


Who is Howard Rich? [The Herald-Journal]


2 Responses to “Howard Rich friends don’t know what they’re talking about”

  1. September 29, 2008 at 9:39 am

    I presented the same question about Millwood back in June.


    Of course he never looked into it. It was never his goal to present sound ideas for policy considerations. He was just out to sell out for Mo Money and BS the voters enough to get elected.

    In that regard, he’s a pretty smart guy.

    Face it, Millwood’s not exactly one of those Ronald Reagan Republicans who looked out for the little guy. He’s more a Country Club Republican wanna-be, who isn’t out for opportunity for everyone – just opportunities for himself, and screw everyone else.

    Which is exactly what this plan will do.

  2. 2 Insider
    September 29, 2008 at 5:33 pm

    Millwood is lucky if his campaign never told him they were also running the campaign of his opponent with the intent on doing an “in-house drive by” to his opponent while being paid by both men. If Millwood DID know that his opponent’s campaign and his own were the same folks — and that they were using Millwood to throw his opponent under the bus while being paid by him — then Millwood really should have a hard time sleeping at night. Otherwise, I guess that’s just called “South Carolina politics.”

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