Black hole? Nope, just Athens

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Because Alabama is No. 8 in the country, and because Georgia’s excited about playing a team that has at least a small chance of pulling out the win, the Dawgs are going with the infamous blackout for Saturday’s heavyweight bout.

The past two times Mark Richt’s team has pulled out this gimmicky bullshit, it beat Auburn and absolutely embarrassed Hawai’i. And, for Alabama, that’s not the bad news.

The last three times the Tide has played the Bulldogs, it hasn’t turned out so well. In 2002, a good Bama team couldn’t keep up and lost a close one. Of course, Georgia fans (douchebags…OK, not really, just this week) call this the “man enough” game, because former Auburn head coach Pat Dye said Georgia wasn’t man enough to beat Alabama.

The next year was worse, when in coach Mike Shula’s first year, the starting and backup quarterbacks (Brodie Croyle and Spencer Pennington) were sidelined with separated shoulders in a blowout.

Last year, Bama came damn close to winning, but a touchdown throw to the corner on the first play in overtime gave Georgia the win.

So, here we are again. Richt has himself a team that will probably get 10 wins, a solid quarterback and a nasty running back. Bama, on the other hand, has a team that can play very well, but isn’t too deep. The good news for the Tide is that when Bama played Clemson and Arkansas (big games), the team came through in a big way. If the team’s psyched up and emotional and plays well, Bama could pull it out.

As of right now, Georgia started out a 7.5 point favorite, but it’s down to a touchdown. BTW – Vierdsen went 6-1 on his picks last week. Respek.

Tide moves to No. 8 as it prepares for No. 3 Georgia [The Press-Register]


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