SCDP promises to do better next time

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Somebody please put the state Democratic Party leadership out to pasture before they end up like that Israeli donkey on the right. Because, it looks like the glue factory will get them before the petting zoo does.

According to a story in today’s Greenville News, SCDP chairwoman Carol Fowler said that they’re going to work really hard in 2010 to get good candidates for governor and to challenge Sen. Jim DeMint.


Let’s see, after that fucking political ninja Dick Harpootlian left the chairmanship after presiding over a royal ass-kicking of the Republicans in 1998, the state Dems have routinely had their, um, asses handed to them. Whether it was 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006 or what has already happened this year, the party hasn’t been able to do diddly.

Seriously – after not being able to recruit a decent candidate to oppose Sen. Lindsey Graham in a time in which he’s the most vulnerable from defections from the right, Fowler thinks she’s going to get an A-list candidate to nail DeMint? Is she stoned?

If Vierdsen was a high-visibility Democrat, this is what he would think: “Well, shit – Inez Tenenbaum is the most successful Democrat in this state in the last decade, and if she couldn’t do it, who can? Nobody, that’s who. And why should I run? The party apparatus can’t do anything, the DNC won’t help and I’d be on my own. Fuck that.”

The only way the Democrats can claw their way back to relevancy is to have a total overhaul of the party – cut off the dead weight and start over. Unfortunately, the idiots that run that operation are so entrenched and happy to play in their ever-shrinking sandbox that they don’t care. Virginia Dems made changes, to the point of electing a pro-life governor in Tim Kaine and before him, pro-business innovator Mark Warner. North Carolina Dems have always been competitive. But the Democratic Party leadership in this state seems to think that the same people can keep doing the same things and maybe something will change. Not so much. Result: EPIC FAIL.

That’s why the GOP is the only game in town.

Never again, top SC Dem says [The Greenville News]


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