John wants to SEC you up: Week Four

For entertainment purposes only!

With the advent of Week Four of the college football season, the Southeastern Conference is getting ready to do the annual “Fight Club” dance that happens every year. After all, there’s a reason that Alabama beat Arkansas and went 7-6, and Arkansas beat national champion LSU. It’s a grand royale cage fight, and only one gets out alive.

With that being said, this starts the first in Vierdsen’s weekly picks of games on the SEC schedule. And, yes, spreads count, you blue law junkies. John will be taking the open line from Alabama native and resident USA Today oddsmaker Danny Sheridan.

No. 9 Alabama (3-0) @ Arkansas (2-0)
Line: Crimson Tide by 8
The Razorbacks have had to come back in the fourth quarter against such spectacular teams as Western Illinois and UL-Monroe. While the past few contests between Arkansas and Alabama have been interesting affairs, the Hogs also had Houston Nutt as a head coach. Take Bama, with the points.

No. 6 LSU (2-0) @ No. 10 Auburn (3-0)
Line: Pick ’em (trending LSU)
It’s no surprise that betting firms have been giving LSU the favorite status as the week has progressed. Auburn beat Mississippi State 3-2, which is a lower total point total than any of the three games the schools’ baseball teams played to in the Spring. Sheridan thinks Auburn was looking ahead, but Vierdsen goes with LSU.

No. 4 Florida (2-0) @ Tennessee (1-1)
Line: Florida by 7
Tennessee is not that good. Florida has the first player to win a Heisman as a sophomore. The Gators should win by double digits.

No. 3 Georgia (3-0) @ Arizona State (2-1)
Line: Georgia by 5.5 (trending up)
Why the Dawgs aren’t favored by more than 10 is unbelievable. ASU lost to UNLV last week. That’s not Jerry Tarkanian‘s “Runnin’ Rebels” from the early ’90s, but a UNLV team that should never have been able to keep it close. Georgia, big in this one.

Vanderbilt (3-0) @ Ole Miss (2-1)
Line: Ole Miss by 4.5 (trending up)
Vandy is 3-0 with a conference win, but the opening play of the Rebels this year proves that Houston Nutt, as much of a crazy fucker that he is, is a good coach. But, something says this will be close. Take Vandy.

Mississippi State (1-2) @ Georgia Tech (2-1)
Line: Tech by 7
MSU has a good defense, but true to form, it’s offense can’t do diddly. Paul Johnson’s flexbone is a damn fine thing to watch, and it should make the difference. However, Tech is from the ACC, and the ACC sucks, so take State.

Wofford (2-0) @ South Carolina (1-2)
Line: no line
Easy enough – USC, straight up.


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