Nick Saban steals helmets

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During the clusterfuck that was Alabama’s 20-6 win over Tulane last week, Agent Zero‘s cousin Javier Arenas ran back a punt for a touchdown, en route to reaching a school record for return yards in a game.

He also sustained a concussion.

What did the Crimson Tide staff do after Arenas’ medical diagnosis? They took his helmet away.

“Rather than take a chance…” Saban said. “Just like, if we have an ineligible player that can dress for the game, but can’t play in the game, you take his helmet away, and I ain’t got to worry about him going in the game. Ever. Or some assistant coach putting him in the game because he forgot he couldn’t go in the game.”

“And if you know Javy, this guy is he’s a deluxe competitor,” Saban continued. “He wants to play, wants to do well, has a lot of mental toughness, won’t back down. He wanted to go back in the game, but that’s a medical decision. I’ve never made one, and he certainly wasn’t going to make one. When the medical staff said he couldn’t play, we didn’t play him. And we were going to make sure he wasn’t going to run back out there.”

“Not that I’d have called time out if he would’ve,” Saban said, smiling, “and I don’t think he would ever do that. But without his helmet, he couldn’t.”

Not a bad idea. Maybe if someone had snatched Antonio Langham‘s helmet in ’93, the Tide wouldn’t have been on probation the first time.

Stealing helmets, the spread… and other stuff! [The Birmingham News]


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