The Campbell who couldn’t eyes another run

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In 2006, it looked like the son of former Gov. Carroll Campbell, Mike, couldn’t lose to incumbent Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer in the Republican primary race. He had an endorsement from Bush 41, got money from Bush 43 water-carrier John Elliot and the GOP Mr. Moneybags Gayle Averyt, and even secured the endorsement of Jenny Sanford and The Nature Boy, Ric Flair (WOO!).

Hell, he even beat Bauer in Bauer’s home precinct in the first round of voting (that is, where Bauer’s home precinct was at the time, Vierdsen thinks. Bauer’s moved around a little). Campbell also had a goodly amount of Washington establishment money going into his campaign.

Did any of it make a difference? No.

Bauer, considered by those right and left of center as the most underestimated politician in South Carolina, came back from a 10 percent deficit in the primary and beat Campbell in the runoff.

Recapping – in ’06, Campbell had the establishment, the name and a nice amount of cash and couldn’t pull it off. The only way he can win this time is if 1) there isn’t significant GOP opposition and 2) the Democrats don’t put up a good candidate. Good luck on both counts, MC.

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