Who is Susie Dibble?

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A lot of people around Columbia checked their mailboxes recently and saw an invitation to an event for a woman named Susie Dibble, who is an at-large candidate for the Richland One school board. Beyond the fact that everyone Vierdsen asked had not heard of her, there was the weird grouping of supporters.

See, on the invitation, there were the names of a good number of couples and individuals backing Dibble. The strange amalgam is quite interesting.

Gayle and Peg Averyt
William and Lee Rambo (hosts of the event)

Jim and Rachel Hodges
Bud and Julia Ferillo
Joe McCulloch
Zeke Stokes

There are gobs of people listed in the invite, but seeing the Averyts, William Rambo, and the Hodges, the Ferillos and Zeke Stokes on the same bill seems a tad odd.

After a few Q&As with friends, it seems that the invite was probably sent to the entirety of newly-elected City Council member Belinda Gergel’s list. It probably would have been helpful if her inner circle had informed the people receiving the invite who the hell they were supposed to support.


1 Response to “Who is Susie Dibble?”

  1. 1 Bruce Lawrence
    October 1, 2008 at 11:09 am

    Susie was raised right down the street from me in Greenwood, South Carolina. She is the fifth of six Connors children…all of whom I have known my entire life. Not to mention I used to spend my summers with her family on Litchfield Beach and worked at Susie’s catering company throughout high school. Her fabulous mother, Sister Connors, was my mom’s business partner for years and as close to an adopted mother as a child could have…I mean Sister and Susie practically raised but don’t hold that against her!

    Seriously, she is a WONDERFUL person and a very GOOD FRIEND and NEIGHBOR of mine. Please remember to vote for her and tell all of your friends b/c if you live in Richland One you can vote for Susie Dibble.

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