The RNC reeks of fail

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It’s unbelievable that the Republican National Convention could be going this badly, already. The talk’s all about the VP, and as any poli sci guy worth his salt will tell you, nobody votes for vice president.

Right out of the gate, you have the thing with Gov. Sarah Palin and the investigation of her by the Alaska legislature, the situation with her daughter, the DUI arrest of her husband years ago, and on and on.

A few years ago, former DNC chairman Don Fowler told Vierdsen that conventions never help candidates, but can only hurt. That’s how this RNC feels. And it’s about the botching of the VP vetting process.

From what GOP insiders have been leaking to the press, Sen. John McCain wanted Sen. Joe Lieberman as his No. 2. As was told before on this blog, Lieberman was willing to make policy changes necessary to be acceptable to the GOP base. However, the delegates would have had a shit fit, apparently, so McCain picked Palin at the last second.

Now, we have this mess to deal with for the rest of the week. Really, it feels like Democrats are running this shindig. Only Dems usually fuck up on such a large scale.

Maybe McCain can pull it out, but it’s not looking good so far.


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