South Carolina’s first real by-God news aggregator

Thanks to the guys at Under The Power Lines, we’ve now got a true news aggregator to bring those junkies among us the latest state and national MSM news, and the best gleanings from S.C. political blogs – Political Net News. Considering how damn foul S.C. Hotline has been lately, getting a site that will pull from everybody, regardless of the focus of the news story or the blog’s agenda, has been sorely needed.

Wes Donehue put the intentions of the new site this way:

1. We need an unbiased news aggregator. No one in South Carolina is bringing people all the news, all in one place. Current aggregators are cherry picking the news to match their views. Our new aggregator will link news stories and not be a gossip or opinion blog. We will also give readers our entire client roster so that they know exactly who is really paying us.

2. We need all the relevant news stories and not just six or seven every morning. We will post big stories from around South Carolina, all the latest presidential news, and other national stories that affect our political landscape. We will even post my “geek links” so that you can stay up-to-date with all the latest tech news and my other interests.

3. We need the news bright and early in the morning. Our morning starts early and so does yours. Most folks can’t wait until 10 am to get their news. They need to know what’s happening first thing in the morning. It will be our goal to update the news every weekday morning by 8 am.

4. We need the news updated throughout the day. News doesn’t stop at 8 am. It continues throughout the day and night. We will post new stories as soon as we can as they are happening. This isn’t our full time job, so we aren’t promising to have them up immediately, but we will get it done fast.

5. We need more ways to follow the news. Technology is changing and we plan to always stay up-to-date. Readers will be able to follow us on our website or by following our RSS, Twitter, FriendFeed, and Facebook feeds.

Good job. Drinks are on the house.


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