’51 Dons should not have gone to a bowl game

If you’re a college football psychotic like Vierdsen, you probably saw the documentary about the 1951 University of San Francisco Dons football team on Fox Sports. The team went 9-0, but was not invited to a bowl because the committees from the Orange, Gator and Sugar bowls agreed not to invite the team because it had two black players. The official statement from the Orange Bowl, at the time, was that the schedule was too soft.

Really, the Dons got screwed because of racism. However, their schedule was softer than a marshmallow and they should never have been invited to any postseason game.

So, yeah, the guys were fucked over because of racism (per the doc). But, even if it were modern times, anybody that plays a schedule like this shouldn’t be able to sniff a bowl.


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