So, that’s why The State is doing badly

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At first, it seemed The State was having troubles for several reasons – the rising cost of newsprint and ink, lower ad revenue, lower circulation because of increased media outlets. But now, we know the reason.

They’re using PCs with 10-year-old operating systems.

Since I blog, I do most of my browsing on the laptop, which runs Windows XP. That way, whether I’m here or not, I’m using the same platform when blogging. Gradually, I’ve started using it for other things — for PhotoShop (both for blog and newspaper use), for editing video, for storage (it’s connected to an external hard drive), and even for my office e-mail. For some reason, Outlook has never run right on my desktop.

My desktop runs Windows 98, because it is what we call a “pag station” (for “pagination”). That’s the machine I have to use to write columns for the paper, and to edit my colleague’s stuff, because it’s the only platform I have that runs DewarView, and that’s our system that connects text to pagination. Finally, it’s the machine on which I run QuarkXPress, which is the pagination software. I can put a page together, hit a button (several buttons, really) and out comes a page-size negative downstairs, from which the plates that go on the press are made. All that stuff was written for Windows 98.

Brad, that’s some embarrassing stuff – there are papers with 7,000 circulations that have Macs, believe it or not, a computer whose sole purpose is to kick ass with pictures and publishing. And, not only that, Macs with, say, OS X Tiger, at least.

That’s…that’s just sad.

The blog as a work-around device [Brad Warthen’s Blog]


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