Jeff Sewell, Mike Green love them some Howard Rich @ SC Hotline

The SCRG ad should have been a tip-off….

It truly has been amazing that in the past few weeks, anything negative that’s been in state newspapers on NYC millionaire and school choice fetishist Howard Rich hasn’t made it to SC Hotline, the news aggregator run by Jeff Sewell and Mike Green.

It’s interesting because, while the site has always had a conservative bent, the news and blog stories linked usually were a good amalgamation of what was going on in South Carolina politics. Not anymore, though, Bubba. No, if it doesn’t fit into the very narrow thought process of the Howard Rich clones in this state (or isn’t some hilariously inaccurate analysis on the presidential race), it doesn’t go in.

Which brings us to The Greenville News‘ associate editor Paul Hyde, who has been linked to on a regular basis. But, what about his Wednesday column? Why not, guys?

Could it be the title: “Howie Rich trashes S.C. public education?” Or maybe it was just the whole damn thing, which deserves to be read.

Howie Rich trashes S.C. public education
Posted 8/13/2008 4:28 PM EDT on greenvilleonline.com
Howie Rich, the rich New Yorker who’s trying to buy the S.C. Legislature, hates public education.
At least that’s the impression you get from hearing him speak.
Rich, who spent a half million dollars in our state’s primary election trying to put school voucher advocates in the S.C. Legislature, drips elitist contempt for S.C. public schools.
In a fawning interview (posted on You Tube) with S.C. Republican Party Chairman Katon Dawson, Rich describes public education supporters this way:
“The other side is in it for one thing — taxpayer dollars. They love it every year when the Legislature gives them more money for what they call ‘education.'”
What they “call ‘education'”? (In the interview, Rich supplies the quotation marks with his curled fingers.)
Well, that’s a nice slap in the face to 46,000 dedicated and hardworking South Carolina public school teachers, not to mention hundreds of thousands of parents and other supporters public schools.
Contrary to what New Yorker Rich suggests, teachers and administrators in our state do not become educators for the sole purpose of lining their pockets with taxpayer dollars.
On the contrary, most educators dedicate their lives to trying to help 700,000 South Carolina young people become thoughtful citizens and productive members of society.
That’s not “education,” in the sense intended by Rich’s sarcastic quotation marks.
That really IS education, in the most profound sense.
Rich shows his disgust and disrespect for public education and its supporters through name-calling. His favorite labels: the “educrat establishment,” “the opposition,” “the other side” and “the monolithic institution.”
No one disputes that public schools have problems. But South Carolina teachers and administrators deserve better than to have their hard work, sacrifices and commitment dismissed with the sneering contempt that Rich so richly displays.
Has the man ever met a South Carolina teacher?
Does Dawson, the GOP state chairman, and Gov. Mark Sanford — who recently called Rich a “patriot” — really want to align themselves with an extremist who has such a nasty attitude toward public education?
Rich spent a lot of money in the primaries through about two dozen companies. Some South Carolinians are beginning to examine the legality of that.
You can bet Rich plans to spend a lot of money in the general election here.
In the interview, Rich admits to ideological motivations.
“You might call it ideology,” says Rich. “I believe in something strongly and I want to make it happen.”
So much for why Rich wants to impose his will on South Carolina.
But does it matter to Rich what South Carolinians want for their own schools?
Most of us in this state attended public schools. Many of us know teachers and some of us have family members in public education. Many of us have children in the public schools.
We know first hand of the dedication and hard work of educators.
We know also that public education is one of the sturdy pillars of whatever prosperity we as individuals and as a state now enjoy.
Sorry, Howie, but we South Carolinians are not about to roll over and play dead while you trash our public schools.

The only thing that needed to be added was, “We won’t let Rich’s little Joseph Goebbels trash our public schools, either.”

Howie Rich trashes S.C. public education [The Greenville News]


6 Responses to “Jeff Sewell, Mike Green love them some Howard Rich @ SC Hotline”

  1. 1 Mike Green
    August 15, 2008 at 5:14 pm

    To whom it may concern,

    I just want you to know that I no longer have anything to do with SCHotline.com I have sold out to Jeffrey Sewell. I am sure that from time to time I will do some interviews for SCHotline but I no longer am doing the daily updates for the website.

    Thanks for the shout out though.

  2. 2 Mariah
    August 15, 2008 at 9:11 pm

    Mike Green – “I have SOLD OUT to ….” Howie Rich, RINO’s, and anyone willing to pay my tab.

    Now that’s funny.

  3. August 18, 2008 at 12:44 am

    I have to disagree. The folks at SC Hotline have linked to my blog when I strongly disagreed with Howard Rich and the candidates he backed.

    Those guys do allow opposing voices to that agenda be linked to on their website.

    Further, I don’t see how making a personal attack against them helps the argument for public schools.

  4. March 6, 2009 at 6:07 pm


    I wonder if the author lives in SC and is aware that this state boasts the most incompetent, mismanaged and completely self-absorbed public education system in the world? I suppose it is possible that somewhere in Nigeria or Peru there is a more dysfunctional, selfish, public system that has yet to be revealed to the wider world. Until then I stand firm in my opinion. I have lived in California, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Georgia and now South Carolina. I have never seen anything like what exists here. Here we have a completely backward, parliamentary government dominated by a bunch of dumb rednecks. I can’t put it any more palinly. This system is a prescription for mediocrity and corruption.

    When Mr. Rich criticizes South Carolina he is in fact being quite generous. We have teachers who actively speak out against school choice while sending their children to the best magnate schools in the district, along with all the other teachers and administrators children. “I’m so sorry mister John Q Public but we are all out of slots for your child here at the award winning magnate school (because they are all filled by teachers and administrators children), but we have an opening at crack house central, where none of our best teachers would be caught dead, how does that sound?”

    This is not much of an exaggeration. It is happening right now in Richland School District Two and many, many districts have the same exact policy. Parents apply and pray and hope they can win the selection lottery and get their kids into the best magnate schools. Meanwhile the teachers get the luxury of enrolling their children wherever they want. Sounds like a crap sandwich does’nt it?

    Welcome to South Carolina.

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