McCain ad strategy not making sense

Yet again, Sen. John McCain’s media operation let loose with another of their “Obama is Paris he’s got yappy dogs and sex tapes that’s hott blah blah blah” ads, and it still doesn’t make any sense. That is to say, there is a logic, but it’s a bad one.

What you’re basically saying to the electorate is that “Don’t vote for the popular guy that everyone likes.” Yeah, that’s smart. Especially since a lot of under-educated, undecided voters tend to be bandwagoners, anyway. Also, you’re implying that your candidate is not popular, widely-liked and doesn’t energize voters.

By conceding the fact that McCain is Grampa Simpson and Obama is Bono, the GOP nominee is causing himself even more problems.

It’s also more than a little insulting to people who actually follow politics on a regular basis. As Obama’s new ad points out (and that ad is stupid, too, BTW), McCain’s been a regular favorite of pundits and late-night talk show hosts. If the Republican nominee was someone else that didn’t have the years of pop culture exposure McCain has, then it would be a different matter.

Of course, letting no bad ad campaign go unanswered, the DNC has decided to start putting people to sleep:

No Penalty [Slate.com]


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