‘Project Runway’ train jumps the tracks

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If you’re a straight man involved with a woman, there’s a chance you’ve been forced to watch “Project Runway” every week, against your will. You probably want to kill Christian from last season because of his peacock hair and irrrrrrrrritating personality.

Then last night happened.

The contestants had to design something for U.S. female Olympians to wear during the opening ceremonies. Easy enough. This is a play to the middle – you’ve got to get as close to something from The Gap without losing your edge or creativity. Needless to say, the only person who understood this was the only straight male in the group. Gawker thinks similarly:

Korto shouldn’t have won for her ill-fitting vest thing. The scepter should have gone to aww shucklesworth straight guy Joe, who rightly asserted that there were “too many queens” in America’s gayest kitchen and later went on to design the only outfit that, ohhhh I don’t know, correctly completed the challenge.

It was bizarre. Several of the designers looked like they had never watched the opening ceremonies once in their lives, even after looking at an entire exhibit on Olympic fashions. They didn’t seem to get that it wasn’t going to be on the runway, it was going to be on the track.

That all being said, that wasn’t all. There was the part when Blayne didn’t know what “Sgt. Pepper” was, which was frightening. Tim Gunn looked at the kid like the vacuous person he is and then gave the brilliant, “Holler at your boy.”

And I’m not sure if Suede referred to himself in the third person, but it probably happened. Suede’s got issues.


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