The Vierdsonian community’s thoughts are with Rod Shealy and his family

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Trading barbs in politics is good fun, but there are more important things. Legendary political consultant Rod Shealy revealed on his blog Monday that he’s been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

He’s keeping a smile on, though:

… I am optimistic that I will be writing his column for many years to come. And I hope that’s what the Good Lord has planned for me also. (Right now, I’m really hoping the Lord enjoys my off-the-wall style of humor that I sometimes slip into the weekly columns. If not… no offense, Lord… and forgive me for my bad sense of humor.)

This is a shock to all of us in the business, and friends and former sparring partners are coming out to show their support.

Will Folks
“FITSNews is endeavoring to speak with Shealy’s doctors, and we’ll obviously be following up on this story with new information throughout the day. In the meantime, we hope you’ll join us in keeping Rod and his family in your thoughts and prayers.”

Jennifer Read
“Thoughts and prayers with the Shealy family.” (via Twitter)

Wes Donehue
“Our good friend Rod Shealy has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.” (via Twitter)

Curt Loftis
“Rod is an amazing man that has been a true friend for 34 years. Those that only know him through the political prism of newsprint or the blogs do not know the true Rod Shealy. He has overcome every obstacle presented to him in his life, and I believe he will do so again. Rod, you are in my prayers, constantly.”

It’s funny that the new tech gadgets make bad news whip around the world like woah. Anyway, Rod is probably still going to be at Sen. Jake Knotts’ shindig this evening, so show him a good time.

The Luckiest Man on Earth! [Doing the First]


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