Randy Page clowns around at The State

A link at the top of SC Hotline? On education? In The State? Well, well, it must be yet another missive from that clarion of public education, SCRG main man Randall S. Page.

Ol’ Randy goes on and on about how public schools are the devil, and responsible people like him who live behind gates in planned communities in Lexington shouldn’t have to send their hard-earned dollars to some shameful public school.

By using his screwed-up logic, I could say, “Well, I’m never going to get Social Security, so give that money back to me. And, I don’t think al-Qaeda is going to show up in Five Points anytime soon, so give me back all my taxes that go toward active-duty military. Actually, could you just give me a check-off sheet of every government service and let me, one of 300 million Americans, decide which services I want to pay for and which ones I don’t?”

And, funny enough, while Page jumps to the top of the news aggregator, those columns by Cindi Ross Scoppe on Howard Rich still haven’t shown up. But, boy, you couldn’t got on the site for a week without seeing Rich and Katon Dawson’s mugs plasters all over the screen.

By the way, a Google Image search for “‘randy page’ clown” gives up this picture, but also a guy juggling, and a children’s treasury of pictures of turtles in terrariums.

Bazooko Circus [The State]


1 Response to “Randy Page clowns around at The State”

  1. August 4, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    To the person that tried to comment here – Vierdsen knows that when you take time off from masturbating to your picture of John Fund, it’s quality time. However, you’re wrong on your guess of who is running this operation. The name is John Vierdsen. And he has a philosophy.

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