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Winner winner, chicken dinner

Alabama Almost Makes Nick Saban Smile–Almost [Sporting News]
It was over in first 10 minutes [The Tuscaloosa News]
Crimson tidal wave washes out Clemson [The State]


It’s Saturday. Roll Tide Roll.


Today, prep. Tomorrow, football. Hoo-rah.

Tide has plan for Clemson’s running game [The Tuscaloosa News]
Tide’s Smith to get close look at star freshman [The Tuscaloosa News]

Also, Vierdsen heard something about Grampa Simpson and Alaska. Kind of got lost in the hangover from last night.


Home run.

Obama’s Atlanta supporters: ‘He knocked it out of the park’ [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]


Why We Fight: Clemson sucks at life
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Vierdsen’s getting pretty excited about Saturday’s game, for several reasons. As an Alabama fan, you grow up hating all things orange: Tennessee and Auburn represent the enemy. They want you to suffer. You want them to suffer. This is the way of the world.

With a shared loyalty with Carolina, it becomes easy to dislike Clemson. The Upstate Tigers are like Auburn’s little brother. It’s an ag school in the middle of nowhere. John, once while visiting a friend, had to walk past an honest-to-God barn to get to the student apartments.

Originality never made it to Pickens County, either. The nickname “Tigers” and the World War I-era tune “Tiger Rag” are used by so many schools that it’s laughable.

Also funny is the idea of “tradition” up there. One national championship and a hunk of rock does not tradition make. Neither do all-purple unis (seriously, whoever decided that needs to have their sight and brain examined). And fans wearing orange overalls don’t do anything to stop the assumption that Clemson fans are toothless rednecks, either.

When it comes to any type of winning on a large scale, as has been written before on this blog, Clemson owes it all to Alabama.

And, yeah, Clemson has a nasty backfield this year, but it also has an offensive line that’s filled with first-time starters. You can’t run the ball if your o-line can’t block, brotha.

Saturday’s loss to the Crimson Tide will be just the first step in yet another overrated Clemson team making another run at the Peach Bowl.


Sources: Lieberman making abortion deal with McCain
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According to sources close to Vierdsonian Democracy, Sen. Joe Lieberman, the former Democratic VP nominee and romantic liaison supporter of Sen. John McCain, has made a deal with the presumptive Republican presidential nominee regarding his abortion stance.

Lieberman has long been a member of the pro-choice camp, but he appears to be ready to flip-flop on the issue to ameliorate his pal McCain. To get into the VP slot for Grampa Simpson, Lieberman, to quell the nerves of social conservatives, made a deal that if he were picked as VP, he would only nominate pro-life judges in the event he became president.

The deal appears to be Lieberman’s last try at political relevancy, since his speech at the upcoming Republican National Convention will no doubt mean he will lose his committee chairmanship on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs when the Democratic leadership reorganizes. Since Democrats are believed to be extending their majorities in both the House and the Senate this year, Lieberman will be left out in the cold if he isn’t the vice president in a McCain administration, and he will be especially screwed if Sen. Barack Obama takes the White House.

Will this get Joementum the VP nod? Well, Vierdsen’s not a betting man, and word on the street has it that former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney is the odds-on favorite. But, if he does get the historic pick (first guy to be VP nominee for two parties), this will probably be the reason.


What went down in Aiken with Bill Clyburn and a radio host?
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Often, mini-scandals happen and no one outside of the immediate environment hears of them. This is especially the case in more rural and small-town areas, because it would involve someone with the knowledge of said scandal to tell the 23-year-old general assignment reporter at the local newspaper, which never happens.

Thank God for the Internet.

Vierdsen is shocked he didn’t hear about this in the late spring when it was happening, but apparently Rep. Bill Clyburn got a radio host, who goes by the name Ryan B, canned from an Aiken-area radio station.

The grammar, it is not so good.

We may never know the real reason that caused Bill and Beverly Clyburn to seek the termination of Ryan B’s affiliate agreement. But we can review the record on the Three Most Important issues Ryan B spoke out on:

* Greg Anderson for District 25 Senate Race
* The City of Aiken Curfew
* Non-partisan Vote for City of Aiken

Was Ryan B onto something Bigger? We must learn more about Land deals, School issues in Allendale South Carolina, Sales and leases of property to State and Local government and Sweet heart deals for friends and close relatives.

Rumor has it the party is seeking to buy Rejoice Radio under the table……. When we Contacted Ryan B for comments he would only say. “My agreement was canceled due to the Clyburn’s and that’s all I will say at this time”.

But according to a recent letter address to the Ethics Commission, Governor Sanford and SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) by a group of citizens concerned about their voice on the radio suggests that more will be told in the weeks and months to come on personal deals, special interests and non-community interests.

Wow. Sounds like there’s a big story, or at least a tidy little scandal, going on down I-20.

Hostile Takeover: Clyburn Style! [Urban Media Broadcasting Network]

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