Jeff Sewell cares more about defending racist judges than Howard Rich’s buying of our state

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It seemed a little odd yesterday when the news aggregator SCHotline.com didn’t post a link to the column about Howard Rich’s buying of the General Assembly by The State‘s Cindi Ross Scoppe. Hey, maybe he forgot.

Then, her column today, the second of the series, wasn’t linked either. It’s understandable why. He’s in tight with Randy Page and SCRG, along with those cuddly teddy bears at S.C. Club for Growth.

What did he post instead of that? A link to the government’s stats on crack use, trying to defend a racist state judge who called crack use “a black man’s disease.”

A South Carolina judge who admitted calling crack cocaine addiction “black man’s disease” has been banned from the bench, the state’s Supreme Court said in an order Monday.

Former Beaufort County Magistrate George Peter Lamb, who is white, agreed to the punishment and resigned before the order was issued. The court’s order included no other details about the comment.

The justices’ ruling outlined problems with Lamb that included behavior toward female employees that the high court said could have been considered inappropriate and the judge incorrectly telling a defendant at a bond hearing the penalty he could face if convicted.

It’s not the fact that the vast majority of crack users are black, according to the stats. The problem is why he would feel the need to defend this jackass with a pie chart rather than posting a link to actual fucking news.

Of course, people who get crack convictions receive significantly longer sentences than people with cocaine convictions, but you don’t see Mr. Ascot making that a big deal. Maybe it has something to do with his boy Thomas Ravenel.

Judge admonished, banned from bench after racial comment [The Island Packet]
Crack Cocaine use by Race/Ethnicity – Source: U.S. Government [SCHotline]
What makes Howie Rich’s donations so different [The State]
The Who’s Who list of Howie Rich friends and foes [The State]


1 Response to “Jeff Sewell cares more about defending racist judges than Howard Rich’s buying of our state”

  1. July 30, 2008 at 11:46 am

    you have a good point… http://www.enewsreference.com (Link to World News)

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