Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine tops Obama’s short list

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Just call him “Shawty.”

Politico is reporting today that Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine likely leads the short list of potential vice presidential nominees for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Kaine’s been a favorite of Democrats, ever since becoming mayor of Richmond in 1998. He was beloved in the city, and managed to build on that to win the lieutenant governor spot in 2001, and governor in 2005. The first race was close (50-48), but he built upon that to beat Atty. Gen. Jerry Kilgore in the gubernatorial election 52-46.

He was also one of the first major Democrats to endorse Obama, and could come in handy with groups Obama has not traditionally performed well among. Kaine is a pro-life Catholic, and he also has good marks on crime from his time as mayor.

Kaine would also move Virginia from a toss-up/Democratic lean state to more firmly in the Obama column. Maybe. There could be one problem, though it doesn’t quite make total sense.

Vierdsen mère posits that she wouldn’t want Obama to win if Kaine were on the ticket, because Virginia needs him there. Don’t know so much about that, though. The only problem would be that Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, who is surely a few cards short of a deck, would take over.

That would give the Republican incumbency and really fuck up the planned strategy. Bolling already said he would not run for governor, opening up the spot to Atty. Gen. Bob McDonnell. If everybody moves up a spot, there’s going to be some interesting happenings at the RPVA.

Kaine ‘very, very high’ on VP shortlist [Politico]


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