McCain bumper stickers = teh suxx0rs


If you haven’t seen a McCain bumper sticker around, other than on Henry McMaster‘s SUV, you wouldn’t be alone. Apparently it’s not just an issue in Columbia – it’s everywhere. At least, that’s what they say at The New Republic.

In today’s New York Times, Bill Kristol laments:
[A]s I drove around the Washington suburbs, I saw not one but two cars – rather nice cars, as it happens – festooned with the Obama campaign bumper sticker “got hope?” And I relapsed into moroseness.

Meanwhile, yesterday at “The Corner,” Kathryn Lopez reprinted some anguished e-mails she’d recently received:
I was wondering, has anyone seen a McCain Bumper Sticker on any cars or trucks yet? Honestly, I still have not even seen one!


The reason your emailer hasn’t been seeing McCain bumper stickers is because … their design is depressing and uninspired … If a bumper sticker were capable of being self-conscious, glum, and embarrassed to be on a bumper, I’m pretty sure it would look something like the McCain bumper stickers.

McCain Bumper Stickers: “Embarrassed to Be on a Bumper” [TNR.com]


1 Response to “McCain bumper stickers = teh suxx0rs”

  1. 1 charleslawlesss
    July 29, 2008 at 10:27 am

    McCain is just about done, I wouldnt doubt the GOP ditch him at the last second and run a younger more charasmatic charachter. They could site his Cancer scare as the reason. I dont doubt that they will, Becuase he is becoming more unelectable by the day, with gaff after gaff. Did you see him knock all that stuff off the shelf at the supermarket. the video is at http://www.mccanes.com all the while barack obama is looking like an NBA super star, (arrogence and all) even taking time to stop and have a cigar break video at http://www.theobamaplan.com I mean really what is the GOP going to do. McCain cannot win at this point and we havnt even started the debates.

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