Winning is lost on Palmetto State football fans

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While browsing The State today, Vierdsen came across an article on ESPN’s Ivan Maisel’s new book on college football, relating to the most overrated and underrated aspects of the sport. In the book, he names Williams-Brice and the most underrated stadium in the country. This is of no doubt.

Of course, he was surprised by Maisel calling Clemson-Carolina the No. 1 underrated rivalry in the nation. Maybe it’s just growing up among the seventh circle of Hell hatred that is the Alabama-Auburn rivalry, but the enmity between the Gamecocks and the Tigers seems on par with kittens playing, or a couple dogs nibbling at each other’s hindquarters.

The worst was the one of the Internet polls attached to the article. Naturally, the large number of Carolina fans picked Clemson as the most overrated team in the country, but Bama came in second. Don’t know if y’all know this or not, but winning, and winning more than anyone else, is not overrated.


12 National Championships (most in FBS)
21 SEC Championships (most in the conference)
Most bowl wins (31)
Most bowl appearances (55)
Sixth-best all-time winning percentage (.709)

Not to mention, say, the greatest coach in the history of college football, two of the most badass quarterbacks of all time, a 9-2 record versus South Carolina (including a 37-14 thrashing the last time out) and an 11-3 record against Clemson (last game, 56-0 Tide in ’75).

Picture 1WTF?

Oh, yeah – Clemson owes its entire football program to the Crimson Tide. Frank Howard? Played for Alabama in the 1920s. Danny Ford? A Bear Bryant disciple from Bama’s late ’60s teams. Tommy Bowden coached under Bill Curry in Tuscaloosa. Tigers coach Dabo Swinney was on the 1992 national championship team.

Also, who could forget that the amount of combined national championships between Clemson and USC amount to one. Scoreboard, son.

Finally, no one has bested this awesomeness, in South Carolina or anywhere else:

USC-Clemson most underrated rivalry? [The State]


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